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INFOR 2023 Break The Game Innovation Steady Progress
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INFOR 2023 Break The Game Innovation Steady Progress

Views: 0     Author: INFOR     Publish Time: 2023-12-31      Origin: INFOR

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In 2023, the market changes, and the upstream and downstream of the industry actively seek change. We have withstood the test and achieved a comprehensive upgrade of the company through game-breaking innovation and steady progress. In the internal construction of the company a new look, in the external business to maintain a steady growth in sales, the brand and competitiveness of Yifu significantly improved. Looking back on 2023, there is sweat with joy, looking forward to 2024, the goal is with passion.

The production base is upgraded to expand global competitiveness

Yifu Dongguan headquarters has been upgraded on a large scale, adding two new office areas, and the office environment is more spacious and comfortable. At the same time, the Southwest office and Suzhou office are set up to radiate the whole country, providing strong support for business development and after-sales.

Xiangyang 40,000 square meters put into production factory has a new look, and various processing machine tools are displayed, improving production efficiency and product quality. The production capacity has been effectively released, and the monthly production has reached more than 100 sets of sand mills and 100 sets of mixing tanks. In addition, the construction of 100 mu of new factory buildings in Hubei has begun in full swing, and the high-end intelligent industrial park is about to be put into use.


The team strength has been continuously enhanced, and the research and development force has been significantly improved

Yifu has always adhered to the strategy of talent development, and by 2023, Yifu has abundant talents and continuously enhanced team strength. With the support of high-quality and efficient elite team, it has provided strong support for the development of the company this year.

In 2023, the company's overall staff exceeded 400 people, especially in the research and development, program, design, quality and other departments, increase investment and construction, so that we continue to innovate in 2023, products continue to innovate, and export many high-quality products for the market. The front-end provides good support for the business level, and the follow-up provides a strong guarantee for delivery.


Performance continues to grow, with partners across all sectors of the industry

It has achieved remarkable results in market development, and established deep cooperative relations with state-owned enterprises such as Shudao, Dangsheng, Tianyuan Xiashungwu, and listed companies such as Geely, Huayou, Ningde Times, Langsheng, and Tianli. More and more cooperation with large and well-known enterprises in the customer structure is the customer's trust in Yifu and the embodiment of the comprehensive strength of Yifu!

In the industry, we have penetrated into all areas of the new energy industry, in the field of lithium manganese iron, lithium iron, sodium electricity, conductive agents, silicon carbon, ceramic materials, etc., to open up a broader market, and further consolidate the company's leading position in the industry.


Products continue to innovate, leading the industry trend

The company continuously optimizes existing product lines to improve product quality and user experience. We insist on product innovation and constantly introduce new products that meet the market demand. In the energy-saving sand mill, direct drive sand mill, vertical sand mill are leading the industry launched, in the application of new technology, willing to be the first, leading the industry trend.

This year, the blockbuster release of our large vertical sandmill (400L, 1000L), which gives innovative solutions in ultrafine nanomaterial grinding, has attracted wide attention from the industry. With the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption, and never blocking materials, we have won a large number of orders in the market.

The new material test line was put into use, benefiting the industry

Yifu closely follows the pace of the national new energy strategy, and the independently constructed new energy material test line has been fully put into use. The completion of the test line not only enhances our technical strength, but also provides strong support for the industry.

Yifu new energy material test line includes the whole process of dispersion grinding, spray drying, kiln sintering, crushing and packaging, and is equipped with various testing instruments to meet the customized needs of different customers. In the second half of the year, the test line accepted the experimental needs of dozens of customers, and the experimental effect was remarkable, which provided great convenience for customers. At the same time, we also provide technical support, one-stop service to solve the industry pain points.


Amazing appearance CIBF, enhance brand influence

At the CIBF exhibition in May 2023, Yifu Technology with vertical 400L and direct drive 1000L sand mill made an amazing appearance. It shows our grinding technology and application experience in the field of new energy materials, and shows our solutions in the production line sanding system from multiple dimensions.

Through this exhibition, our vertical products are generous and colorful, attracting many domestic and foreign experts and customers to watch, causing widespread concern in the industry, so far vertical sand mill in the industry by leaps and bounds, a variety of tests and orders continue. The company's products and brands have received better attention and recognition, laying a solid foundation for future development.


Domestic exhibitions appeared frequently, and the brand was comprehensively upgraded

In China, Yifu actively participates in dozens of industry conferences and forums. Including, lithium iron phosphate, conductive agent, sodium electricity, lithium battery conference, ceramic conference, etc., in these industry conferences arranged a booth exchange, some of the venue made a sanding technology sharing report, and many industry experts and customers actively exchange views, but also let our sanding production line technology into the industry. Eifu has become the focus with its outstanding products and technical strength.

Through these exhibitions, we not only show the company's latest achievements and developments, but also establish close cooperation with many customers, and the brand image of Yifu has been comprehensively upgraded.


Overseas market investigation and expansion, global strategic layout

Overseas, EIFU participated in exhibitions in the Philippines, Indonesia, Europe and other places, and inspected many well-known local enterprises and units. At the forum and exhibition site, we made in-depth discussions with relevant foreign government departments and enterprises, and also showed our company's expansion in overseas markets and future planning.

Through overseas inspection and exhibition experience, the company's brand influence has gradually spread to overseas markets, laying the foundation for future international development.


But it is more glorious than ever. In 2023, we did not give up due to great pressure, nor did we become impetuous due to external praise. The road ahead is still difficult, and achievements always favor those who have faith. In 2023, we adhere to quality-driven, innovation-led, and stable progress. On this hard-won report card, engraved with all the rich people's faith in grinding technology, their adherence to creating high-quality sand mills, their dedication to scientific and technological innovation, and their pursuit of excellence.

In 2024, we will complete the construction of Xiangyang production base and move into a green intelligent industrial park. Continue to increase investment in the construction of the league, and train more outstanding talents. Optimize and upgrade the test line to provide more perfect experimental facilities for the industry; We will continue to increase investment in product innovation, lead the future with technology, and do a good job in product updating and iteration; Continue to focus on multiple fields of new energy, deepen the domestic market while expanding overseas; Spare no effort to do a good job of service, so that the Yifu brand continues to be deeply rooted in people's hearts!

In the New Year, we will be more full of enthusiasm, more high morale, more aggressive attitude, only seize the day and night, forge ahead, and make greater contributions to the development of new energy materials industry!

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