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INFOR Event|2023 High-tech Lithium Battery Materials Conference
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INFOR Event|2023 High-tech Lithium Battery Materials Conference

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On June 6-7, the 2023 Gaogong Lithium Battery Material Conference hosted by Gaogong Lithium Battery and Gaogong Industrial Research Institute came to an end at Tivoli Hotel, Chengdu Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo Park, Sichuan. The theme of the summit is "Crossing the Fog and Traveling Through the Waves", which brought together more than 500+ people from the upstream and downstream industries of lithium battery materials to participate, and jointly seek strategies to break the situation of the lithium battery material industry chain in the new cycle.

There are four special sessions in this conference, the opening ceremony - through the fog, the first session - material innovation and iteration in the new market stage, the second session - the response of the material supply chain under large-scale demand, the closing ceremony - breaking the waves, and the topic Covering the entire industry chain of lithium battery materials, business leaders and elites will conduct full brainstorming to predict the next trend of the industry.


As the sponsor of this conference, INFOR arranged a booth (No. 021) with the latest sanding technology on site, and had in-depth exchanges with many experts and industry insiders in the material industry chain. This time, we had a harmonious communication with industry friends who came to consult in the fields of equipment, technology, system, and application. There was an endless stream of consultants who came to the booth, the exchanges were enthusiastic, and the atmosphere was very harmonious.


As the special guest of this conference, Chen Lu, chairman of INFOR, gave a keynote report on "Overall Solution of Sanding System, Enabling Mass Production of Lithium Battery Materials". There was thunderous applause and cheers!

Chen Lu explained from the four aspects of "the status quo of the lithium battery material industry, industry pain points and solutions, INFOR's advantageous product sharing, and field application cases", and shared INFOR's sand grinding system solutions in the material field and the company's new developments. Technology research and development and new products.Among them, the application explanation of INFOR's unique large-scale vertical sand mill has aroused great repercussions on the spot, and there are many inquiries.


After years of technology accumulation and research and development, INFOR actively invested in the research and development and design of vertical sand mills, and successfully broke through a number of product technical barriers on large vertical sand mills. With the stunning debut of Yifu's first (set) 400L vertical sand mill in China, the 1000L vertical sand mill is about to debut, which will export large-capacity ultra-fine vertical grinding equipment for the industry, providing a perfect environment for grinding ultra-fine materials solution.

The special meshless separation system has the functions of graded separation and graded grinding, and can use grinding media as low as 0.01mm, without running balls or leaking balls; it adopts PU+polyurethane pin-type rotor structure, silicon carbide inner cylinder, wear-resistant Good performance, high grinding efficiency; with permanent magnet energy-saving motor, all-round energy saving, up to at least 10%; intelligent PLC control system, intelligent control of the whole process. Specially designed for ultra-fine material grinding, good batch stability.


Compared with the traditional horizontal sand mill, in the field of ultra-fine nano material grinding, the vertical advantage is obvious, and it has specific all-round advantages in terms of fineness, efficiency, and maintenance.

Since the launch of the 400L vertical sand mill, it has received widespread attention in the industry, and there has been an endless stream of inquiries. In recent days, many industry customers have brought materials to the factory for testing, and the effect is immediate. Customers are full of praise for its remarkable characteristics such as fast particle size reduction and narrow distribution!

INFOR has been deeply involved in the sand mill industry for more than 20 years. In the field of new energy, it has maintained a high R&D investment, continuously innovated technologies and products, and continuously exported high-quality sand mills for the industry, providing top-notch ultra-fine nano-material grinding. technologies and products.


We will consistently be oriented by the industry's cutting-edge technology and market demand, continue to enrich product categories and broaden the breadth and depth of product market coverage, and continuously enhance the company's core competitiveness. At the same time, the company will, as always, be committed to solving the major technological needs of the material industry, improving the quality of materials, and supporting the sustainable and stable development of the new energy industry chain.


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