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Sander Cooling Water Control
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Sander Cooling Water Control

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The cooling system of the sanding mill plays an important role in the grinding process, too high grinding temperature will affect the overall performance of the material, and controlling the cooling water of the sanding mill is an important step for efficient and stable production. The control of cooling water has the following aspects.

1, cooling water supply: equipment needs sufficient cooling water supply, usually through the water supply or circulating water system to provide. The cooling water should have an appropriate flow rate and pressure to ensure the cooling effect and stable temperature control.

2. Cooling water flow control: By adjusting the flow of cooling water, the cooling effect of the equipment can be controlled. A larger cooling water flow can well reduce the temperature during the grinding process, while a smaller cooling water flow can reduce the consumption of cooling water. The specific flow Settings should be adjusted according to the requirements of the grinding process and the requirements of the equipment.

3, cooling water temperature control: the sand mill is usually equipped with a temperature control system for monitoring and controlling the temperature of the cooling water. By setting the appropriate temperature range, the system can automatically adjust the supply of cooling water to ensure that the temperature during the grinding process is stable within the set range.

4, cooling water spraying method: the cooling water of the equipment is usually sprayed into the cooling sandwich of the sand mill to achieve the cooling of the abrasive and sample. The spray method can control the cooling effect by adjusting the position and intensity of the spray water.

5. Cooling water circulation system: Some equipment is equipped with cooling water circulation system, which can recycle cooling water and reduce water consumption. The circulating system usually includes cooling water filtration and treatment equipment to ensure the quality and cleanliness of the cooling water.

By reasonably controlling the cooling water of the sand mill, the temperature in the grinding process can be effectively reduced, avoiding overheating and sample damage, and extending the service life of the equipment. Yifu focus on sanding machine for 20 years, pay attention to us, take you to know more about sanding knowledge.


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