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2023 Domestic Power Battery Loading Data
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2023 Domestic Power Battery Loading Data

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In January 2024, the China Automotive Power Battery Industry Innovation Alliance (referred to as the "battery Alliance") released the domestic power and energy storage battery sales and loading data for the whole year of 2023.

First, look at the TOP15 domestic power battery enterprises in 2023. They are: Ningde Times, BYD, Zhongchuang New Aviation, Yiwei Lithium Energy, Guoxun High-tech, Hive Energy, LG New energy, Xinwang Da, Funeng Technology, Zhengli New energy, Rupu Lanjun, Polyfluoro, Jiewei Power, Weilan New energy, Anchi new energy.


Look at the annual load of domestic ternary power battery enterprises TOP15 in 2023, and the load of lithium iron phosphate power battery enterprises TOP15. In 2023, the annual domestic teryuan power battery enterprise loading capacity TOP15 are: Ningde Times, ZhongChuang New Aviation, LG New energy, Funeng Technology, Hives Energy, Xinwang Da, billion Wei lithium energy, Zhengli New energy, Guoxun High-tech, Jiewei Power, Weilan new energy, Rupu Lanjun, SK, Lishen, Juwan Technology Research.


In 2023, the annual domestic lithium iron phosphate power battery enterprise loading capacity TOP15 are: BYD, Ningde Times, Zhongchuang New Aviation, Guoxuan High-tech, billion Wei lithium energy, Rupu Lanjun, Zhengli New energy, Hive energy, Xinwang Da, Polyfluoro, Anchi New energy, Henan lithium power, Penghui energy source, Lishen, Jidian new energy.


In the first half of 2023, China's power battery loading capacity was 152.1GWh, due to the annual 387.7GWh, it can be seen that the domestic power battery loading capacity in the second half of the year was 235.6GWh. This represents an increase of 54.90% from the first half of the year.

Although this is related to the sales season of new energy vehicles in the second half of the year, the growth rate of 54.90% is still a good phenomenon. After all, since the second half of 2023, there has been a lot of news of overcapacity, enterprise production cuts and even bankruptcy.

There is a phenomenon that the power battery companies under the car companies have emerged in the power battery loading ranking. This trend is expected to become more pronounced in 2024.

It can be expected that the rising penetration rate of new energy vehicles is still a definite trend, and the demand for power batteries of new energy vehicles will only grow in the future.

Coupled with the huge demand for energy storage battery market, the future of lithium batteries is bright!


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