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Direct Drive Sand Mill Series
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Direct Drive Sand Mill Series

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1. Adopt direct drive structure, more optimized and simple design

2. Solve the pain points of the industry such as the sand mill is not easy to clean after use, and the failure rate is high

3. The special and effective structural design improves the grinding efficiency and reduces the operation failure rate to almost zero

4. Equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor, it has the characteristics of strong overload capacity, high power factor, high precision, and low noise decibels.

5. Equipped with dual-carbon intelligent monitoring system, intelligent large-screen full-process monitoring and control.

6. Rod-pin disperser, high grinding efficiency and narrow particle size distribution

7. Self-developed high-performance double-end mechanical seal is adopted, which is safe, reliable and leak-free

8. The inlet and outlet pipe adopts double-layer cooling structure, the inner layer passes through the material, and the outer layer passes through the cold water for cooling, the cooling area is large, the cooling effect is good, the jacket is cooled, and the mechanical seal is cooled;

9. The pressure sensor can adjust the pressure in the cavity according to different materials. When the pressure is too high, it can automatically alarm and stop, making the grinding safer and more reliable.

10. Temperature sensor, the temperature can be set by yourself, and it can automatically alarm and stop when the temperature is too high

Technical parameter:


1000L/Direct drive 1000L

Dimensions (L*W*H)


Host power (kw)


Grinding chamber volume (L) actual/effective


Grinding Media Size (mm)


Grinding Media Fill (kg)


Normal operating energy consumption (kw/h)


Speed range (rpm) (adjustable)


Linear speed (m/s) (adjustable)


Equipment weight (kg)


New Materials:

Carbon materials, carbon nanotubes, lithium iron phosphate, graphite/graphene, nanocomposite materials, zirconium silicate materials, battery materials

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Product Category

Product Category

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