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Activity Express | Yifu November Meeting Invitation
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Activity Express | Yifu November Meeting Invitation

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In November, EIFU will focus on participating in 5 events, including conferences and exhibitions, in China and Indonesia. Conference topics include lithium materials, sodium electricity, energy storage, overseas markets and so on. The year-end event, we invite you to gather together and talk about the future!


2023 China Sodium Electricity Industry Annual Meeting and the second China sodium ion Battery Technology and Industrial Development Summit Forum

Conference time: November 9-10, 2023

Meeting place: Suzhou, China

Organizer: Mariana

Co-organizer: Department of Electrochemical Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology

Co-organizer: True Lithium Research

Meeting content:

1. Sodium battery technical performance shortcomings and industrial engineering challenges

2. Upstream and downstream linkage to promote the development of sodium electricity industry

3. In-depth exchanges between enterprises, research institutes, government, capital and industrial support

4. Discussion of research and development results of sodium material technology

5. Development and reflection on the construction of large-scale production line of sodium electricity

Yifu arranged the booth at B8, welcome to the booth exchange!

2023 Indonesia New Energy Investment Summit

Organizer: Shanhaitu

Co-organizers: Rui Pu Lanjun, MCC, China Unicom

Date: November 13 and 14, 2023 (two days), 09:00 to 17:00 (Indonesian time)

Location: Pullman Hotel, West Jakarta

Event size: 1000 people

Conference theme: Macro policy, new energy power generation, new energy vehicles, power batteries

Conference format:

1. Keynote speech: Well-known Chinese and Indonesian entrepreneurs, investors, scholars, and Indonesian government officials delivered keynote speeches to share successful experiences and development vision.

2. Expert discussion: Experts and scholars from the new energy industry will conduct in-depth discussions and research on topics such as new energy technologies, business models and market trends.

3. Enterprise display: New energy enterprises show the latest technologies, products and development results.

Yifu attended this meeting and arranged the booth on the spot to discuss the development of the industry with foreign friends!

Third, 2023 World Power Battery Materials Conference and the second power battery materials Innovation Technology Exhibition

Organizer: Wangcai New Media

Location: Changzhou, China

Time: November 14-16

Conference theme: Innovation and Coordinated Development for a Green Future

Conference scale: 3000+ professional visitors, 1800+ delegates, 150+ guests, 150+ exhibitors, unlimited business opportunities

Guidance unit:

Jiangsu Energy Storage Industry Association, Yangtze River Delta New energy automobile Industry Chain Alliance Power battery Special Committee, Asia and Pacific laterite Nickel Ore Cooperation Organization, International Lithium Industry Association, China Materials Recycling Association Hydrometallurgy Branch, Changzhou Automobile Industry Association, China Automotive Engineering Research Institute of Automotive Institute of Kerry Testing and Certification (Chongqing)

Meeting content:

2023 The 2nd China International Sodium-ion Battery Advanced Technology Development Annual Conference Parallel Forum:

2023 The Third Power Carp Battery Recycling Market and Technology Development Annual Conference Parallel Forum:

2023 Parallel Forum of the 4th China International Resources Industry Chain Annual Conference:

2023 China International Iron phosphate and iron phosphate industry Chain Summit Forum

Jiangsu Energy Storage Industry Association Changzhou branch opening ceremony

Wang Material lithium technology expert Committee appointment letter award ceremony

High-level, closed-door meeting

Yifu attend this meeting, arrange booth in A35, invite to gather together!

The 17th China (South China) Battery Supply Chain and Energy Storage Technology Expo

Time: November 18-20

Location: Dongguan, China

Theme: New situation, New market, New track

Organizers: Beijing Jinlang Enterprise Consulting Management Co., LTD., Jinlang International Exhibition Group

Guidance unit: Dongguan City Development and Reform Bureau

Support unit: National Energy Storage and power Battery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Golden Wave Law Firm Business Alliance of Ambassadors to China

Organizer: Nanjing Jinlang Culture Media Co., LTD

Exhibition scale: 45,000 square meters, 1000+ exhibitors, 30000+ visitors

Six exhibition themes:

1. Power and energy storage battery exhibition area

2. Energy storage technology application exhibition area

3. Battery production equipment exhibition area

4. Battery material exhibition area

5. Optical storage and auxiliary equipment exhibition area

6. Charging and replacement and supporting equipment exhibition area

Yifu appeared in the C285 exhibition area, bringing the latest sand grinding application technology to communicate with the industry, waiting for the majority of customers, friends and experts to visit and guide!

The 8th International Summit on Power Battery Applications (CBIS2023)

Conference theme: Service, Cooperation and win-win - Embracing the "new globalization" era

Meeting Time: November 28-30, 2023 (Report on 27th)

Venue: Shanghai Marriott Hotel Shanghai Baohua, China

Organizers: China Chemical and Physical Power Supply Industry Association, Battery China Network

Organizer: China Chemical and Physical Power Supply Industry Association Power Battery Application Branch, Oneng (Beijing) Network Technology Co., LTD

Supported by: China Automotive Technology Research Center Co., LTD., Electric Aviation Branch of Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Philippine Department of Trade and Industry, Philippine Embassy in China, College of Automotive Engineering, Tongji University, Department of Electrochemical Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, 18th Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation

Academic support: Li+ Society, Power battery application branch expert committee

Meeting content:

1. Opening Ceremony: Embracing the "New Globalization"

2. Theme Forum (1) : Innovation stimulates the endogenous power of industry

3. Closed-door meeting: Jing 'an Forum - The first new energy battery industry chain (Jing 'an 2023) high-end tea party

4. Parallel Forum 1: Prospects and Challenges of overseas new energy markets

5. Theme Forum 2: Reshaping the global lithium supply chain

6. Parallel Forum 2: Advanced battery common technology development and application

7. Theme Forum (3) : Digital intelligence enables new energy battery industry

8. "Lithium Think" 2023 Honor Ceremony -- "The 7th China Battery industry 'Lithium Think Award' and 2023 industry chain enterprise Honor Promotion" event

9. Theme Forum (4) : Focus on the new energy battery trillion new blue Ocean

10. Parallel Forum 3: Once again, eVTOL is coming

11. Parallel Forum 4: Race for the new track of sodium electricity industrialization

12. Theme Forum (5) : Low carbon Road of lithium battery industry chain

Yifu arranged a booth at the scene to show the industry this year's sanding application cases and the latest product technology!


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