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China-Philippines Forum | Visit the Philippines to discuss overseas markets
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China-Philippines Forum | Visit the Philippines to discuss overseas markets

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From October 16th to 21st, the China New Energy Vehicle and Power Battery Industry Chain with the theme of "New Ecology • New Value" was launched by the Power Battery Application Branch of the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association and the Battery China Network, and visited the relevant departments of the Philippine government and the Philippine new energy industry in the Philippines.

At the same time, the 2023 China-Philippines Forum and the 11th Philippine Electric Vehicle Industry Summit/Exhibition will be held to cooperate and exchange on the new energy industry of China and the Philippines, establish exchanges between Chinese and Philippine enterprises, and conduct a high-end business forum on the development, market, technology application, etc. of the new energy industry.

Yifu Chairman Chen Lu, General Manager Yang Xiaoyan and other entourage attended the event, exchanged the company's mature product technology with Philippine enterprises and political leaders, and understood and discussed the new trends in the development of overseas new energy markets, paving the way for the company to better move towards the

international market!

Since October 16, the business delegation has visited the following important new energy enterprises and departments in

the Philippines. Including the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry Philippine Investment Agency (BOI), Philippine Department of Energy (DOE), Philippine Department of Transport (DoTr)/Philippine Land Transport Concession Authority

 (LTFRB), SMC GLOBAL POWER, IMI, GOGORO, Bank of China, PCCI and other enterprises.


Important leaders and enterprise leaders of the Philippines received the business delegation with a high standard, and the two sides made extensive and in-depth exchanges on the development of policies, investment, automobiles, batteries and industrial chain applications. Billionrich leaders interacted actively with the heads of enterprises and governments on site, exchanged opinions with each other, and laid a solid foundation for subsequent cooperation.


During this period, he participated in the Special Envoy of the President of the Philippines. S.E. Maynard Ngu's invited dinner, the leader's speech released a lot of information, which benefited everyone a lot. The high-standard dinner party washed away the dust of the journey and ushered in the refreshing autumn! The atmosphere of this event was pushed to a climax.

From the 19th to the 21st, the 2023 China-Philippines Forum and the 11th Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit were held as scheduled, focusing on the development of the dual carbon goal and launching a high-end meeting on new energy cooperation between China and the Philippines. The event included on-site discussions with relevant officials of Philippine government departments such as the Philippine Department of Energy, the Department of Trade and Industry, and the Ministry of Environmental Protection to thoroughly understand the relevant support policies and measures for the Philippine new energy industry, and help the business communities of China and the Philippines to better cooperate.


The Chinese business delegation attended the conference, and Yifu brought innovative technologies and products to set up a booth at the summit site to communicate and display with the summit guests. The company's leaders had in-depth discussions with the visiting consultations, on the one hand, to show our technical strength and research and development experience in the field of new material grinding, on the other hand, to show our company's expansion and future planning in overseas markets. Have fun talking!


Southeast Asia is one of the emerging new energy markets in recent years, and the Philippines is one of the fastest growing markets. Whether it is power storage, new energy vehicles or green metal processing, the Philippines has introduced or is formulating corresponding policies and regulations to promote the development of related industries in the Philippines and increase the participation of the Philippines in the global new energy value chain. In the future, China and the Philippines will cooperate at more levels to jointly promote the development of the industry!

Nowadays, domestic new energy enterprises, including car companies, batteries, materials and other enterprises, have laid out overseas markets, built overseas bases, and looked at the world. As China, which accounts for nearly half of the world's new energy vehicle sales, will gradually expand the industrial chain to the world in the future, and then the Southeast Asian and European and American markets will usher in large-scale growth, the trend of new energy globalization is unstoppable, and the development trend of the industry is still strong!

Yifu has been actively deploying overseas markets since last year, and has participated in many offline overseas activities and online exhibitions, while actively launching brand promotion on major foreign trade platforms, and has completed CE, UI and other product certification, while actively planning offices in Southeast Asia and Europe, committed to promoting new material production line equipment to the world, and actively contributing to the cause of new energy!


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