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Conference News | National Lithium Ion Battery Cathode Materials Academic Conference
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Conference News | National Lithium Ion Battery Cathode Materials Academic Conference

Views: 0     Author: INFOR     Publish Time: 2023-12-26      Origin: INFOR

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On December 25-26, a national lithium-ion battery cathode materials academic seminar was held in Changzhou. The meeting was sponsored by the lithium-ion Battery Laboratory of the Nuclear Research Institute of Tsinghua University, with the aim of promoting the research and development of lithium-ion battery cathode materials in China.

The conference brought together more than 500 industry elites from all over the country, who are experts, scholars and business representatives in the field of lithium-ion battery cathode materials. Under the chairmanship of Dr. He Xiangming, Chairman of the conference, many business leaders and experts were organized to make nearly 30 thematic reports in 2 days. They respectively conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the latest research progress, market application and future development direction of lithium-ion battery cathode materials.

As a special guest, Yifu attended this meeting with its star product (vertical sand mill) and arranged its booth on the spot. As an efficient and stable equipment for grinding ultrafine nanomaterials without blocking materials, it was highly sought after on the spot. Eifu's booth was crowded with people, and many experts and enterprises showed a strong interest in this device, and had a warm interaction and communication with EIFU's employees.


Yifu's experience in the application of sanding systems in the field of lithium battery cathode materials has also received extensive attention from the participants. With its profound technology accumulation and innovation capabilities, Yifu provides a one-stop sanding system solution for the lithium battery cathode material industry, helping enterprises to improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and improve product quality.

Yifu has always adhered to the innovation-driven development concept and made continuous breakthroughs in product innovation. In recent years, Yifu has successively launched energy-saving sand mill, direct drive sand mill, vertical sand mill, online inspection system and other products, these products are not only leading the industry in technology and performance, but also achieved remarkable results in practical applications. It has contributed Chinese wisdom and strength to the development of China's new energy industry.

Yifu will continue to adhere to the concept of "technology is king, dare people first", continuously increase research and development investment, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, and make greater contributions to the development of new energy industry with better products and services. Yifu firmly believes that with the joint efforts of the whole industry, the development of the lithium battery industry will be more brilliant.


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