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Conference Review | Yifu Vertical Sander Shiny Negative Material Conference
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Conference Review | Yifu Vertical Sander Shiny Negative Material Conference

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On October 25-26, the second Advanced Anode Materials Technology and Industry Summit Forum sponsored by China Powder Network was held in Humen, Dongguan, Guangdong Province. Meeting guests gathered, the agenda is compact, dry goods full!

This forum aims to build a platform for in-depth exchanges between middle and downstream enterprises in the negative electrode material industry chain, carry out cooperation in production, learning and research, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the negative electrode material industry. More than 300 representatives from material manufacturers, battery companies, equipment manufacturers and academia all over the country participated in the forum.


Many experts have made in-depth reports on the supporting system of the industrial chain such as lithium graphite negative electrode, silicon carbon and the electrolyte binder matched with it, and have made in-depth elaboration and interpretation of the future development and industrial application of negative electrode materials, shining a light for the development of the industry.

Yifu attended this meeting as a special guest, and carried the latest grinding technology of negative electrode materials to communicate with the on-site guests. To show the industry our technical research and development reserves in the field of silicon anode and field application experience. Many experts and entrepreneurs have affirmed and recognized our ultrafine nanomaterial grinding technology.


In the current lithium-ion battery material system, silicon carbon anode material is a new type of battery material, compared with the traditional graphite anode material, silicon carbon anode material has higher capacity and better cycle stability, at the same time, silicon has good electrical conductivity, can effectively improve the charge and discharge rate of the battery. The particles of the silicon-carbon material are ground as small as possible to achieve higher surface areas and better electrical conductivity.

The application of silicon based negative electrode also confirms that the demand for material performance in the power and energy storage markets has entered a new stage, and the performance needs of high specific energy, fast charge, low temperature resistance, and long cycle have spawned the negative electrode material supporting auxiliary market. With the differentiated demand for batteries in the terminal market, the application of new technologies for negative electrode materials will continue to improve!

How to overcome the ultra-fine grinding of silicon carbon is an important link in the production of silicon carbon, and the launch of Yifu vertical sand mill perfectly solves this difficulty. Vertical sand mill with its unique sieve structure, and no blocking, no leakage ball, material particle size decline speed, high efficiency and energy saving.

Eight advantages, enabling ultrafine grinding

1, vertical structure, advance design concept, spindle vertical installation, no deformation, more stable operation.

2, no screen structure, special centrifugal separation system, never blocked material, can use 0.03mm, 0.05mm, 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm and above zirconium beads, can challenge the finer grinding limit.

3, grinding medium utilization rate increased by 90%, no longer need to regularly screen zirconium beads, no need to eliminate grinding small zirconium beads.

4, after grinding, the particle size distribution is narrower, the centrifugal separator has a classification function for the particles, the smaller particles are preferentially discharged, and the larger particles continue to grind.

5, grinding drum can be automatically lifted, disassembly is convenient, easy maintenance, can achieve 1 person to maintain multiple equipment.

6, 1-1000L full series of models, to meet different output production.

7, with permanent magnet energy-saving motor, unit energy consumption is 20% lower than traditional equipment.

8, the efficiency is more than 30% higher than the traditional horizontal.


Yifu has always stood at the forefront of development, on the basis of existing vertical application technology, is committed to the innovation of new technology, for silicon carbon, sodium materials, manganese iron lithium, ceramic materials and other fields, for new materials ultrafine nano grinding constantly output high-quality equipment.

Leading the industry towards full intelligent and energy-saving grinding production, Yifu Machinery will continue to maintain the pursuit of grinding accuracy, improve the value of quality, and create China's first-class grinding system integrated service provider.


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