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Explanation of wearing parts of the sand mill production line
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Explanation of wearing parts of the sand mill production line

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At present, the expansion of new energy materials such as lithium iron phosphate is often tens of thousands to more than 100,000 tons, and the stability of the sand grinding production line directly affects the production efficiency of the entire production line. After the production line is put into normal operation, the sand mill, like all mechanical equipment, will have vulnerable parts. These normally damaged parts are also known as fragile parts. Today, I will explain to you what wearing parts are always available for the sand mill.

What are the wearing parts of a sanding mill? There are three main aspects of wearing parts: one is seals, the other is wear parts, and the third is fatigue parts.

Seals are divided into two categories: static seals and dynamic seals. Static seals are mainly O-rings. The type of material solvent, the frequency of disassembly and the time of use should be considered. It is generally recommended to check or replace every six months to one year. Dynamic seals are often referred to as machine seals. Under normal operating conditions, it can basically be used for more than three years or more, but regular maintenance is required, such as changing coolant.

The wear parts are mainly the rotor in the grinding chamber, especially the rod pins. Due to the hardness of the grinding medium and the hardness of the material particles, the wear situation will be different, it is necessary to open the cavity regularly for inspection, it is recommended that the rod nail wear more than 20%-30%, to replace in time, has ensured the efficient production of the production line.

Fatigue parts, one is the drive belt, the other is the diaphragm of the diaphragm pump. It is recommended to replace it every two years and can be used as a common spare part. When choosing a horizontal sanding machine, it should be purchased at the same time.

In addition, such as the screen of the sand mill often occurs material blocking phenomenon, cleaning work is more troublesome, but also need to be replaced as a standing product. Including other small accessories of the sand mill, they need to be equipped to prepare the production line for maintenance and use at any time.

As a veteran sand mill enterprise, Yifu has rich experience in the production line, and has detailed use data on the wearing parts of each link of the production line, and has a complete configuration of wearing parts for the production line to ensure efficient and high-quality production operations of the production line!

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