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How Does Yifu Vertical Sander Subvert The Field of Hyperfine Grinding
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How Does Yifu Vertical Sander Subvert The Field of Hyperfine Grinding

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Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, the field of industrial grinding has also ushered in new breakthroughs. Yifu's innovative vertical grinding machine not only breaks the limitations of traditional grinding equipment, but also sets a new benchmark in the field of hyperfine grinding. Today I will tell you how to achieve ultra-fine grinding of materials by Yifu vertical grinding mill.

The working principle of the vertical sand mill is that through the centrifugal force and shear force generated by the high-speed rotating mixing shaft and rod pin, the material and the grinding medium form a strong collision grinding in the grinding chamber, so that the material is ground to the required fineness in a short time.


Traditional grinding equipment is often limited by the screen structure, resulting in the material grinding is not fine enough, and easy to block material. The Yifu vertical sander adopts a unique screen-free design, which allows the grinding medium (such as zirconia beads) to be smaller (as low as 0.03mm) and grind out finer materials. Not only that, the screenless design also avoids the problem of clogging and makes the equipment run more stable.

Vertical sand mill unique mesh separation system, with grading function, the smaller material priority to separate out, the larger material to remain in the chamber to continue grinding, so that the size of the material is smaller, more consistent. Experimental data show that under the same grinding times of the same material, the decline rate of the vertical sand mill is significantly faster than that of the traditional equipment, the particle size distribution is narrower and the consistency is higher.


In addition to the powerful grinding capacity, the Yifu vertical sand mill also has the characteristics of easy operation and easy maintenance. The equipment adopts intelligent control system, and the operation interface is simple and intuitive, even non-professionals can easily get started. At the same time, the maintenance of the equipment is also very convenient, only need to replace the grinding medium and clean the grinding chamber regularly.

While pursuing high efficiency, YifU vertical sand mill also pays attention to energy saving and environmental protection. Its low-energy design allows the equipment to consume less energy during operation, reducing production costs. At the same time, no screen design and consistency, reduce the generation of waste, in line with the green production concept.

With its excellent performance and a wide range of application fields, vertical sand mill has become the darling of new energy materials, ceramics, silicon carbon and other industries. Especially in the field of new energy materials, vertical sand mills can meet the demand for ultrafine grinding of materials, providing a strong guarantee for the production of high-quality products. With the rapid development of the new energy industry, the market prospect of vertical sand mill will be broader.

Yifu Company sincerely invites all colleagues in the industry to visit and guide, and jointly discuss the future development of vertical sand mill. We believe that with your joint efforts, the vertical sand mill will create more miracles in the field of new material grinding!

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