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How To Improve The Operation Efficiency of The Sander
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How To Improve The Operation Efficiency of The Sander

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As the primary process of the production of new materials, the high operating efficiency of the sand mill plays a key role in the impact of production capacity and performance. To share with you a few measures to improve the operational efficiency of the sand mill.

1, choose the right grinding material and grinding bead: according to the nature of the grinding material and process requirements, choose the right grinding material and grinding bead, can optimize the grinding effect, improve the operating efficiency. With the progress of the process, the grinding bead of zirconia material is generally used at present, which has the advantages of strong stability and is not easy to break. The second is to choose a well-known manufacturer of grinding beads, choose zirconium bead shape consistency, compact structure, low grinding rate of grinding beads.

2, Optimize the structure of the equipment: optimize the structure of the equipment, such as the rotor and rod nail mechanism, the distance between the rod nail and the grinding cylinder, the number of rod nails, optimize the cooling system, choose the best involved scheme, so as to improve the operating efficiency of the equipment.

3. Rotor speed: the faster the speed of the rotor, the higher the grinding efficiency, but too high speed will also increase the internal pressure of the sander chamber, so it is necessary to choose the appropriate speed according to the actual characteristics of the material, and then improve the overall operating efficiency of the sander.

4, keep the equipment clean: regular cleaning and maintenance of the equipment, to maintain the cleanliness of the equipment, can avoid material residues and pollution, to avoid screen blockage, high temperature, equipment lubrication is not enough, and thus improve the operating efficiency of the sand mill.

5, control the feed speed: according to the processing capacity of the sand mill, control the feed speed, feed speed is fast, and grinding efficiency is high, but too fast feed speed will lead to insufficient material grinding, and also lead to excessive equipment load, choosing the appropriate feed speed has a greater impact on the operating efficiency of the sand mill.

6, adjust grinding parameters: according to the material characteristics and process requirements, adjust the grinding parameters of the equipment, such as speed, time, temperature, etc., can optimize the grinding effect and improve the operating efficiency.

7, regular replacement of grinding beads: regular detection of grinding beads, wear too much grinding beads, timely replacement, to ensure the grinding ability of the premise, but also to prevent zirconium beads blocking the screen and into the material, so as to maintain the good operation of the equipment, improve operating efficiency.

8, the use of automatic control system: the use of automatic control system can accurately control the grinding parameters, set the suitable material grinding parameters, improve the operating efficiency and stability of the equipment.

9, regular equipment maintenance and inspection: regular maintenance and inspection of the nano sand mill, you can timely find and solve the problems of the equipment, improve the operating efficiency of the equipment.

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