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Hubei INFOR Test Line Ushered in Sodium Electric Customer Experiment Boom
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Hubei INFOR Test Line Ushered in Sodium Electric Customer Experiment Boom

Views: 0     Author: INFOR     Publish Time: 2024-01-13      Origin: INFOR

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In 2023, China's sodium-ion batteries will go to the market verification period, and achieve small batch applications in the fields of two-wheeled vehicles, A00 passenger vehicles, and energy storage. Sodium-ion batteries have become the "new darling" of the power battery industry with their advantages of long life, easy manufacturing, high safety and low theoretical cost. At present, the industrialization process of sodium-ion batteries in China has accelerated, and the market prospect is broad.

In order to better meet the development needs of the sodium battery industry, EIFU has made full preparations in the testing of sodium materials. The laboratory is equipped with advanced testing equipment and a professional team, which can conduct a full range of experiments and tests on the performance and safety of sodium materials. At the same time, the laboratory also actively carries out research and development work related to sodium batteries to promote the continuous progress of sodium battery technology.


Recently, Hubei Yifu Laboratory welcomed a number of sodium electricity customer experiments. These customers come from different fields, but they are full of confidence in sodium battery technology and development. With the cooperation of the professional team of Yifu Laboratory, the customers successfully completed the experiments, the experimental results are good, and the customer satisfaction is high. Through the experiment, the cooperation between customers and Yifu laboratory has been strengthened, and the research and development of sodium materials has been promoted.


In the laboratory of Eifu, the staff are busy carrying out various experiments and testing work related to sodium batteries. They carefully analyze data, discuss solutions, and continuously optimize the performance and safety of sodium batteries. In such a positive atmosphere, Yifu Laboratory presents a thriving scene.


The vertical sander plays a key role in the testing of sodium materials. The vertical sander, with its unique screen-free non-blocking structure, solves efficient grinding of materials as low as 100 nanometers. The advantages of fast particle size reduction, high efficiency, low energy consumption, etc., have won unanimous praise from experimental customers.


In order to better serve the development of sodium battery industry, Yifu test line is constantly improving experimental testing equipment. Advanced material analyzers, electrochemical workstations and other equipment are gradually introduced, which can comprehensively detect and analyze the material composition, structure and performance of sodium batteries. At the same time, the Yifu test line also strengthens the maintenance and update of the equipment to ensure the stability and accuracy of the equipment. Through continuous improvement of experimental testing equipment, Yifu test line will provide customers with more professional and efficient services.

In order to further enhance the research and development capability and testing level in the field of sodium batteries, Yifu Laboratory actively seeks cooperation with sodium electricity experts. The laboratory has established cooperative relations with a number of well-known sodium battery experts to jointly carry out research and development work related to sodium batteries. Through cooperation with experts, EIFu LABS can access the latest technological developments and research results and apply them to practical work. At the same time, cooperation can also promote communication and interaction between different fields, and promote the development of the entire sodium battery industry.


At present, Yifu has established production line cooperation with a number of well-known sodium electricity enterprises, in the production line construction, to provide YifU unique design solutions, using their own product advantages and years of production line application experience, for many customers to provide a perfect sanding system solutions, the next will establish 10,000 ton production line cooperation with more customers.

In 2024, sodium electricity will shine. Yifu will continue to play its own advantages and lead the sodium electricity industry to a more brilliant future. Let us work together to create a new chapter of sodium electricity and contribute to the future development of sodium electricity!

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