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INFOR And Clean Carbon Reached A Cooperation Create A New Chapter in The Carbon Pipe Industry
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INFOR And Clean Carbon Reached A Cooperation Create A New Chapter in The Carbon Pipe Industry

Views: 0     Author: INFOR     Publish Time: 2024-04-23      Origin: INFOR

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22 - 副本

Recently, Yifu and Shanxi Clean Carbon reached a cooperation, Yifu will provide the clean carbon company with the sand grinding system required for the construction of its production line, in order to promote the optimization and upgrading of the clean Carbon company's carbon tube production line. This cooperation marks a new chapter for the carbon tube industry, demonstrating the spirit of innovation and cooperation within the industry.

Shanxi Clean Carbon has been committed to the research and development and application of carbon tube technology, and its unique carbon tube technology and rich industry experience have established a good reputation in the industry. As a leading enterprise in the field of sand grinding machines, Yifu has many years of research and development experience and advanced production technology. This cooperation between the two sides perfectly combines the advantages of Yifu's sander with clean carbon's carbon tube technology, bringing an unprecedented opportunity to upgrade the carbon tube production line of Clean Carbon.


This cooperation is also another landmark project for the carbon tube industry application of Yifu sand mill, and it is also a comprehensive recognition of the performance of Yifu sand mill by Clean Carbon Company. The cooperation between the two parties will not only improve the quality and performance of carbon tube products, but also reduce production costs and bring more high-quality carbon tube products to the industry.

Yifu has rich experience and successful cases in the application field of carbon tube industry. Over the years, the company has always focused on the research and development and innovation of carbon tube technology, and has continuously introduced new sand mill products to meet the constant changes of the market, and has been favored by the market for its efficient, stable and reliable performance.


In the carbon nanotube conductive slurry special sand mill, the products of Yifu adopt turbine, rod pin, laminated and other structures, suitable for small test, pilot test and production line production, with high efficiency, non-blocking, uniform dispersion and other characteristics. These products are used by many large enterprises in the industry, and are also used by many scientific research institutes and universities for research and development work.

In short, the cooperation of the two indicates that the carbon pipe industry will usher in a more prosperous and green future. It is expected that this cooperation can bring more surprises and breakthroughs, and inject more vitality into the development of the carbon tube industry. It will not only promote the breakthrough of carbon tube technology, but also lead the entire industry to move in the direction of green and low-carbon.


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