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INFOR Jiebao|Join hands with leading materials companies to create new glories
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INFOR Jiebao|Join hands with leading materials companies to create new glories

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Recently, INFOR has made another success in the LFP field, and won the order of the first phase project (phase one) of Dangsheng Technology (Panzhihua) New Material Industry Base - 60,000 tons of lithium iron phosphate project feeding premixed grinding and demagnetization system. This time, with its excellent product quality, solid and efficient work style, excellent operation team and good corporate reputation, INFOR successfully won the bid with absolute advantages.

The cooperation of this order fully demonstrates INFOR's leading position and comprehensive strength in the field of LFP grinding. It will also further promote the research and development and production technology of INFOR Machinery in the field of new materials, improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and inject new impetus into the development of the new energy industry.

Dangsheng Technology is an enterprise focusing on the R&D, production and sales of new energy materials. As a well-known and established enterprise, it has a decisive influence in the industry. Its Dangsheng Shudao (Panzhihua) New Material Co., Ltd. is an important production base of Dangsheng Technology in the southwest region. This LFP project is a comprehensive layout of the company's comprehensive products, a comprehensive increase in production capacity, and a comprehensive upgrade in influence.

The establishment of a strategic partnership between the two parties this time is Dangsheng Technology's full recognition of INFOR's comprehensive strength, and it is also a consensus on future development. It marks that the cooperation between the two parties has entered a new stage. In the future, the two parties will form a joint force to jointly promote scientific and technological innovation, continuously expand the depth and coverage of cooperation, and use diversified and intelligent means to empower the development of the material industry and escort the production of high-quality materials.


INFOR designs a full-process sanding system production line for new energy materials such as lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganese iron phosphate, conductive agent, graphene composite slurry, diaphragm, battery coating, silicon carbon, etc., with permanent magnet synchronous motor and dual The carbon monitoring and management system maintains stable operation, high efficiency, low energy consumption, large flow, ultra-fine, and pollution-free grinding capabilities at all times.

For more than 20 years, INFOR Machinery has been experiencing various challenges and constantly surpassing itself. Adhering to the spirit of daring to leap forward and pursuing excellence, we use technology to open up the market and use research to lead the industry. In these years, in addition to our firm belief, the quality and technology of grinding equipment are also what we value most.

INFOR Machinery will take this as a new starting point and continue to adhere to the concept of "customer first in technological innovation, service first, and honest management" to provide customers with more high-quality products and services. Leading the industry towards fully intelligent, high-efficiency and energy-saving grinding production, INFOR will continue to maintain the pursuit of grinding precision, enhance value with quality, and build China's first-class comprehensive service provider of grinding systems.


“Technological Innovation, Customer First, Service First, Honest Management”
An innovative enterprise dedicated to research and development of ultra-fine powder wet dispersion and grinding equipment technology, as well as stand-alone and system overall solutions

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