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INFOR Joined Hands with Hunan Xinke To Draw A New Chapter in The Sand Grinding Industry
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INFOR Joined Hands with Hunan Xinke To Draw A New Chapter in The Sand Grinding Industry

Views: 0     Author: INFOR     Publish Time: 2024-06-15      Origin: INFOR

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22 - 副本

Recently, Yifu reached a strategic cooperation with Hunan Xinke, and authorized Xinke as an agent in Hunan to sell the company's sander related products. The two sides will join hands in the field of scientific research institutions and jointly open a new chapter in the sand grinding industry!


Changsha, the technological innovation capital known as the "Global R&D Center city", provides unique advantages for the cooperation between Yifu and Xinke. There are many independent research institutions and colleges and universities here, strong scientific research strength, talented people. Relying on the scientific research resources of Changsha, YifU and Xinke will work together in the field of scientific research institutions, promote product innovation and research and development, and bring more surprises to the industry.


The cooperation between Yifu and Xinke is not only YifU's high recognition of the strength of Xinke, but also unlimited expectations for future cooperation between the two sides. As a local enterprise in Hunan, Xinke has been deeply engaged in the market for many years and has rich market resources and experience. The cooperation with Yifu can be said to be a coincidence of the ideological and strategic layout of both sides. The combination of the high-end grinding equipment provided by Yifu and the market channels of Xinke will certainly bring broader market prospects for both sides.


The cooperation between the two sides is not only limited to market development, but also to achieve complementary services. Xinke will rely on local advantages to provide Yifu with more intimate and professional services to further enhance brand influence. At the same time, Shinco will also take this opportunity to enrich its product structure and provide customers with more diversified choices.

The cooperation between Yifu and Shinco will bring great opportunities for both parties, and the combination of Yifu's leading sand grinding products and Shinco's market channels will achieve broader coverage and higher market share. The two sides will work together to create the future, promote the sand grinding industry to a new height, will bring new development opportunities and vitality for the entire industry.


At present, Yifu has set up offices in Chengdu and Suzhou in China, and reached agency and cooperation agreements with many well-known enterprises. In overseas markets, EIFU has also established offices in Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and Morocco, and offices in Europe and the United States are in preparation. This series of strategic layout shows the determination and strength of Yifu to build a full-process sales network and service system.

The future can be expected, the cooperation between Yifu and Xinke is a good beginning, and the two sides will create more brilliant results in the future, jointly create a more competitive sand grinding industry, and write a more wonderful chapter for the sand grinding industry.


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