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INFOR Morocco Office Was Established To Create A New Chapter in Overseas Market Cooperation
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INFOR Morocco Office Was Established To Create A New Chapter in Overseas Market Cooperation

Views: 0     Author: INFOR     Publish Time: 2024-03-30      Origin: INFOR

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22 - 副本

In the wave of globalization, the company once again ushered in an important moment - Morocco office was officially established. This not only marks another milestone of Yifu's globalization strategy, but also symbolizes a new stage of YifU's overseas market. The establishment of the EIFU Morocco office will undoubtedly inject new vitality into the exchange of EIFU overseas markets and become a bridge and bond between Europe and Africa.

The establishment of the Morocco office is another important node after the establishment of the South Korea and Southeast Asia offices, which will comprehensively improve the market business of EIFU in Europe and the United States, and is an important complement to the development of the global new energy industry, and also reflects the overall layout of EIFU in overseas markets.

As a leading pioneer in the overseas market of the new energy industry, Yifu has been committed to promoting international market exchanges and deepening mutually beneficial cooperation. The establishment of the Morocco office will not only strengthen EIFU's business layout in Europe, but also promote the comprehensive cooperation of EIFU's business in Europe and Africa in trade, investment, technology and other fields. Eifu Morocco office will rely on EIFU global resources to provide more convenient and efficient services for local enterprises and investors, and promote local new energy to a higher level.

As an important economy in Africa, Morocco has unique geographical location and resource advantages. The establishment of EIFU Morocco Office will make full use of Morocco's geographical advantages, give full play to EIFU's advantages in capital, technology, market and other aspects, and jointly explore new cooperation models and open up new paths for future cooperation.

Many Chinese and international enterprises have put into operation and set up factories in Morocco, relying on Morocco's rich phosphate resources to establish a competitive industrial chain. Yifu follows the trend of the industry and sets up an office, aiming to provide a convenient exchange platform for local new energy enterprises and provide timely local services for high-end sanding application technology.

In addition, the establishment of EIFo Morocco office will also help local economic development, improve employment levels, and promote social stability. Yifu will actively cooperate with local enterprises to jointly develop the market and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. At the same time, Yifu will also be committed to social responsibility, make positive contributions to the local society, and show a good image of Chinese enterprises.

The establishment of EIFo Morocco office is an important milestone in the expansion of overseas markets. In the future, YifU will continue to uphold the concept of "mutual benefit and common development", deepen cooperation with countries around the world, and promote the development of global new energy to a new level.


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