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INFOR Shine 2023 Indonesia New Energy Investment Summit
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INFOR Shine 2023 Indonesia New Energy Investment Summit

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On November 13-15, a grand new energy investment Summit was held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Sponsored by Shanhaitu, co-sponsored by the Belt and Road Environmental Technology Exchange and Transfer Center (Shenzhen), co-organized by Rupu Lanjun, China MCC, China Unicom, Titanium media as a strategic cooperation media to participate in the "2023 Indonesia New Energy Investment Summit" attracted more than 1,000 professionals and 500 enterprises to participate. Jointly discuss the grand blueprint of Indonesia's new energy market.


During the summit, many Indonesian executives delivered warm welcome speeches, expressing their keen expectations for global new energy investors. The meeting focused on the core issues of new energy macro policies, new energy power generation, new energy vehicles, and power batteries, providing a feast of knowledge for the audience.


As a representative of Chinese enterprises, Yifu Machinery actively participated in the summit. Other leading Chinese companies include Liqin Resources, Jiangsu Longpan Technology, Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt, Huawei Investment Holding - Indonesia Digital Energy Business Department, Zhongwei New Materials, Guoxuan High-tech, Hailang New Materials, Zhejiang Zhengtai New Energy, Sunshine New Energy, Longi Green Energy, Trina Solar, BYD, Chery, Yadi Technology, North Asia Energy and other industry leaders. We will discuss the opportunities and challenges for the future development of the new energy market.


The leaders of Yifu Company had an in-depth exchange with the guests at the scene, and shared the unique advantages and forward-looking thinking of Yifu machinery in the field of new energy. It has demonstrated its strength and advantages in the field of new energy, and also expressed its firm confidence and determination for global development.


As a company focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of new energy sanding system equipment, Yifu has emerged globally with excellent product quality and innovative technology. In terms of overseas layout, Yifu is establishing a perfect sales and service network, and is committed to providing the best quality service for global customers.

With the growing global demand for renewable energy, Indonesia, as one of the largest economies in Southeast Asia, is actively seeking breakthroughs and development in the field of new energy. At present, domestic leading material companies such as Betrui, Huayou Cobalt, Zhongwei, and Lithium Source have invested and built factories in Indonesia, and Indonesia is preparing for the future development of the industry. The summit has undoubtedly provided a strong impetus and opportunity for Indonesia's new energy development.

The successful holding of the Indonesia New Energy Investment Summit has provided a platform for cooperation and exchange for global new energy investors and enterprises, and has also injected new vitality and impetus to Indonesia's new energy development. As one of them, Yifu Machinery will continue to uphold the concept of innovation and excellence, and actively lead the development trend of Chinese enterprises in the global new energy field.


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