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INFOR Shine Chongqing CIBF Exhibition To Create A Green Future
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INFOR Shine Chongqing CIBF Exhibition To Create A Green Future

Views: 0     Author: INFOR     Publish Time: 2024-04-30      Origin: INFOR

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From April 27 to 29, the "16th Chongqing International Battery Technology Exchange/Exhibition (CIBF)" sponsored by China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association was successfully concluded at Chongqing International Expo Center. This three-day industry event has attracted the attention of the world and presented a wonderful industry feast.

In this industry feast, Yifu, as a leading enterprise in the sand mill industry, made a wonderful appearance at booth N3T091-1. It shows the innovation achievements and technical strength of Yifu in the field of new material grinding, attracting an endless stream of visitors, and new energy industry elites at home and abroad have stopped to visit and jointly explore the forefront of the industry.


At this exhibition, Yifu carried the first 400L vertical sand mill in China. The vertical sand mill has become a star product at the exhibition with its unique advantages of ultra-fine grinding and never blocking material. Its excellent performance and stable operation has attracted the attention of many enterprises, and customers have expressed their recognition of our products and gave them high praise.


With the continuous upgrading of new energy materials, enterprises have higher and higher demand for ultrafine grinding process, and there are always pain points such as slow particle size decline, easy plugging, high energy consumption, low efficiency, cumbersome maintenance, and insufficient intelligence. The new grinding process in the market requires acceleration, and the application technology of sanding needs to be continuously upgraded.


Through independent innovation research and development design, Yifu vertical sand mill perfectly solves the requirements of ultra-fine grinding process, fills the gap in the market, and fully enables ultra-fine nano grinding of new materials. After grinding, the particle size distribution is narrower and the decrease is faster. No screen mechanism, never block material; Vertical mechanism, the main shaft does not deform, running more stable; No need to eliminate small zirconium beads, the utilization rate increased by 80%; Automatic lifting of grinding drum, easy maintenance; Energy-saving motor, energy saving 30%; Efficient production, efficiency increased by 30%.


At the scene, we have conducted in-depth communication with the leaders and technical experts of many enterprises. In the field of ultrafine grinding of new materials, exchange views and discuss together. Visiting enterprises include leading enterprises in the subdivision field, state-owned enterprises, listed enterprises, scientific research institutions, etc. Experts have expressed interest in Yifu vertical sand mill products and technology, fully recognized the innovative design of vertical sand mill, and praised the products.


At this exhibition, the vertical sand mill successfully attracted the attention of many material enterprises with its excellent performance and stable quality. The scene not only received full praise, but also got a batch of valuable booking orders! Many material companies have said that after the exhibition, they will personally go to Yifu company for in-depth investigation and exchange.


In addition, EIFu's booth also displayed a number of other sanding products, including horizontal sanding machines, direct drive sanding machines, conductive sanding machines. These products are not only intelligent, large, efficient, energy-saving and other characteristics, but also widely used in lithium iron phosphate, conductive agents, sodium materials, silicon carbon, coating slurry and other fields. I had in-depth exchanges with visiting friends, and the atmosphere was harmonious and hot.


It is worth mentioning that this CIBF, Yifu's overseas layout has been widely concerned by international friends. We have conducted friendly exchanges with many industry friends from South Korea, Japan, India, Germany, the United States and other countries, not only expressed strong interest in our products, but also spoke highly of Yifu's global vision and strategic layout, and reached initial cooperation with a number of overseas enterprises.


At this CIBF exhibition, Yifu not only demonstrated advanced sand mill products and technical strength, but also established good cooperative relations with many enterprises. Behind the continuous leadership is the continuous technological innovation of YifU for customers, through the ultimate exploration of sand grinding technology, to provide solutions for new material grinding application technology. We firmly believe that in the coming days, Yifu will continue to join hands with global partners to jointly promote the development of the sand mill industry and write a brilliant chapter in the field of new energy!


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