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INFOR Shining Chengdu Leads A New Chapter of Lithium Iron Phosphate (manganese)
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INFOR Shining Chengdu Leads A New Chapter of Lithium Iron Phosphate (manganese)

Views: 0     Author: INFOR     Publish Time: 2024-06-21      Origin: INFOR

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22 - 副本

From June 20 to 21, a grand event related to the future development of lithium battery cathode materials came to an end in Chengdu. The second Lithium Battery New cathode Material Industry Conference and lithium Phosphate (manganese) Iron Summit Forum hosted by Lithium Today brought together many industry elites to discuss the future of the cathode material industry. As a co-organizer, Dongguan Yifu shone brightly at the meeting, showing its excellent research and development strength in the field of positive electrode materials.


At this conference, hundreds of industry elites gathered to carry out in-depth discussions on topics such as upstream raw materials, ternary positive electrode, lithium iron phosphate, and manganese series positive electrode materials. As an industry leader, Yifu arranged a beautiful booth at the conference site and had in-depth exchanges with many industry leaders and experts.

Yifu's research and development of energy storage and product development achievements in the field of positive electrode materials have attracted much attention. At the meeting, Yifu introduced the company's innovative practice in the field of positive electrode materials to the visitors in detail, especially the advantages of the vertical sand mill in the field of single-machine experiment and production line application in the field of lithium iron phosphate (manganese). The innovative technology in the hyfine unplugged material has aroused wide attention and hot discussion among the participants, and has become one of the focuses of this conference.


At the conference, YifU's partner, President Wang Zhengwei, chief technology officer of Star Constant Power Supply, and Liu Hansuite, general manager of Star Lithium Energy, also brought wonderful reports to the participants. President Wang Zhengwei made a detailed report on the new progress of lithium iron manganese phosphate, which pointed out the direction of the development of manganese material industry. General manager Liu Hansuite made an in-depth report on the solution of large-scale production equipment for lithium iron phosphate (manganese), from the aspects of product technology, production line construction, equipment use and so on. Brought everyone full of dry goods, won the audience bursts of applause.



At the same time, in the theme salon of "2024 Lithium battery Market Truth Discussion" held in Chengdu, Yang Xiaoyan, General manager of Yifu, delivered a wonderful speech as a guest. She gave a detailed introduction to the advantages of single-machine vertical sand mill, production line applications, ultra-fine grinding solutions, overseas layout and industry development. Yang Xiaoyan's speech won warm applause and wide recognition from the audience.


As the direction of technological upgrading of new lithium iron phosphate materials, lithium manganese iron phosphate is gradually growing into a hot spot in the industry. Yifu continues to accumulate research and development strength in the field of ferro manganese lithium grinding, and is committed to providing high-quality sand grinding production line equipment solutions for the industry. The excellent performance of Yifu vertical sand mill highlights the company's leading position in the field of positive electrode material grinding, and also instill new impetus for the future development of the industry.


We look forward to exchanges and cooperation with more industry experts and people in demand, and jointly promote the prosperity of the lithium battery cathode material industry. Yifu will continue to uphold the concept of innovation, pragmatism and efficiency, and contribute more to the progress of the industry!


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