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INFOR Suzhou New Chapter: East China New Base, The Industry New Power
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INFOR Suzhou New Chapter: East China New Base, The Industry New Power

Views: 0     Author: INFOR     Publish Time: 2024-01-03      Origin: INFOR

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The spring is cold, but Yifu ushered in the warmth. On January 3, EIFU Suzhou office was officially established, marking the company's strategic layout in East China has taken a solid step. This important milestone not only demonstrates Yifu's determination to continue to expand, but also its commitment to in-depth customer service in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai.


In the short and grand establishment ceremony, the elite team of Yifu and special guests gathered together to witness this historic moment. As the most anticipated part of the day, Ms. Yang Xiaoyan, the general manager of the company, delivered a warm summary speech, expressing not only warm congratulations on the establishment of the office, but also high hopes for the future development of the company in East China.


The establishment of the Suzhou office is an important part of EIFU's continuous layout across the country following the successful operation of the Southwest office. This breakthrough not only shows the ambitions of Yifu in the continuous expansion of the country, but also the company's deep thinking and firm commitment to the development of the industry.


The establishment of the Suzhou office was a deliberate strategic decision by EIFU. Suzhou, a famous historical and cultural city, with its unique geographical location, rich industrial resources and excellent talent reserve, has become a hot spot for domestic and foreign enterprises to compete for investment. Eifu saw the huge potential of Suzhou and decided to set up an office here to better serve customers and explore the market.


Suzhou office will provide more comprehensive and professional services for East China and surrounding areas. The office's team consists of experienced business experts who are familiar with market dynamics, understand customer needs and are able to provide tailor-made solutions for businesses. In addition, the office will also hold various business activities to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between enterprises and promote the prosperity and development of the industry.


In 2024, Yifu stands at a new starting point, looking forward to the future, we believe that as we continue to grow, we will bring more surprises to the industry. From southwest to East China, the story of Yifu continues, and a new chapter continues to open, which will inject more vitality into the development of the industry!


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