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INFOR Technology|Maintenance and maintenance of ceramic parts of sand mill
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INFOR Technology|Maintenance and maintenance of ceramic parts of sand mill

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With the development of the new energy automobile industry, there are high requirements for the performance of materials. During the grinding process of materials, there is a high standard requirement for the content of magnetic substances. In order to avoid material contamination by metal, the sand mill adopts ceramic structure to improve the quality of material grinding.

During the production and operation of the ceramic sand mill, it is inevitable that there will be problems such as screen blockage, replacement of ceramic parts, disassembly and installation. Today, I will share with you the maintenance and maintenance of ceramic parts of ceramic sand mill.

The grinding components of the ceramic sand mill are made of high-strength ceramics, and the inner tank of the cavity is made of silicon carbide, so as to ensure that the material will not produce metal pollution during the grinding process. Ceramic mechanism components have wear-resistant performance, that is, the wear rate is low during grinding, and no impurities will enter the material. The ceramic components are hard enough to ensure efficient grinding. Guarantee the quality of materials in all aspects.

When disassembling, first rinse the Hao beads on the ceramic structural parts, and then disassemble. Be careful to take it out and put it on a flat surface. During the disassembly process, remember not to use gravity to collide, and violent disassembly is prohibited. Special attention should be paid to the fact that it is fragile. When removing the bolts, remove them diagonally to avoid ceramic cracking due to stress concentration. When removing them, they must be pulled out horizontally.

Before installing ceramic components, first check whether there are cracks or cracks in the ceramic structural parts. After confirming that it is correct, wipe the main shaft and the installation surface clean before installing. When installing, apply a small amount of special grease on the installation part, and the bolt hole and the sealing surface of the end cover must not have any impurities, and tighten it diagonally with a torque wrench.

INFOR ceramic nano sand mill has been used in the market for many years. Has a wealth of market application experience and strong R & D technical support. In the production process, there are high standards of inspection standards for the monomer and assembly of each component. At present, there are horizontal, vertical, direct drive and other series of ceramic sand mills, with perfect craftsmanship and high quality, serving the construction of new material grinding system production lines.


For more than 20 years, INFOR has been adhering to the spirit of daring to leap forward and pursuing excellence, developing the market with technology and leading the industry with research. Continuously improving grinding technology continues to output high-quality sand mills for the industry, escorting the grinding of materials!

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