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Imported And Domestic Grinding Machine, Who Is Better
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Imported And Domestic Grinding Machine, Who Is Better

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22 - 副本

With the rapid development of the new energy industry, the comparison between imported and domestic equipment has become the focus of attention of many consumers and industry insiders. As a kind of equipment widely used in the grinding of new materials, the performance and selection of the sand mill have also caused extensive discussion. So, imported sand mill must be better than domestic, domestic equipment and what are the advantages, today we do some discussion on this issue.

1. Technical level and R&D capability

Imported grinding machines often represent the advanced level of foreign technology, these equipment in structural design, material selection, control system and other aspects have been strictly developed and tested. In recent years, domestic sand mill manufacturers have also increased technological investment, constantly introduce and digest foreign advanced technology, independent research and development capabilities have been significantly improved, and great improvements have been made in performance and production line technology, and there has been a qualitative leap. Therefore, from the technical level, the imported sand mill is not necessarily better than the domestic.

2. Quality and stability

Quality is one of the most concerned issues when choosing equipment. The imported sand mill often follows strict quality control standards in the production process, and its product quality and stability are relatively high. However, domestic manufacturers are also constantly improving quality awareness, strengthen quality management, some excellent domestic brands in quality has been comparable to imported products.

3.cost and cost performance

Price is a factor that can not be ignored when choosing equipment. Due to transportation, tariffs and other reasons, the price of imported abrasive mills is usually higher. The domestic sand mill has a natural advantage in cost control, and the price is relatively low. Therefore, for some enterprises with limited budgets, domestic sand mills may be more cost-effective.

4.Service and support

It is inevitable to encounter various problems during the use of the equipment, and timely after-sales service and technical support are crucial to the normal operation and maintenance of the equipment. Imported grinding machine manufacturers usually have a perfect system in terms of service, but due to the problem of distance and few domestic outlets, sometimes the timeliness of after-sales can not keep up, and can not provide after-sales support to customers in time. The domestic sand mill manufacturers are gradually improving the service system, because of its geographical advantages, the service timeliness is generally relatively high, and the comprehensive after-sales service level is high.

5. Market application and feedback

The market is the best place to test the quality of products. The imported sand mill has a wide range of applications in the domestic and foreign markets, and its performance and application effect have been recognized by users. The domestic sand mill is also constantly developing the market, and continuous improvement and promotion through user feedback.

In summary, imported sander is not necessarily better than domestic. In the choice of sand mill, enterprises should be based on their own needs, budget and technical level to comprehensive consideration, choose the most suitable for their own equipment. At the same time, domestic sand mill manufacturers should also strengthen technology research and developmentAnd service system construction, and constantly improve product quality and competitiveness, to provide users with more high-quality choices.


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