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Interview | Yifu Machinery High-end Sanding Technology To The World!
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Interview | Yifu Machinery High-end Sanding Technology To The World!

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May 22 news, the world's leading lithium battery enterprise Ningde Times (300750) has issued 2024 President Office No. 1 document - a letter of mobilization to the sea.

Zeng Yuqun, chairman of Ningde Times, said in the letter that although the global situation in 2024 is changing, the wave of new energy is already an international consensus, and short-term uncertainty provides more opportunities for those with strength.

New energy as a manufacturing industry, equipment is food and grass, but also the core. Lithium battery companies are at sea, manufacturing equipment companies are also at sea, such as the "Ningde era of sand grinding" known as Yifu machinery, has set up offices in Morocco, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Germany and other places, committed to China's high-end sand grinding technology to the world.

What kind of enterprise is Yifu machinery? Recently, Vico lithium interviewed Ms. Yang Xiaoyan, general manager of Yifu Machinery, to glimpse the tip of the iceberg of Yifu machinery accumulation.


Photo: Yang Xiaoyan, General manager of Yifu Machinery (left)

Focus on sanding technology for more than 20 years

What can be seen from the enterprise check data is that Yifu Machinery was established in 2014. In this regard, Yang Xiaoyan introduced that Yifu machinery is a grinder integrator with more than 20 years of technical accumulation, "Our previous business has experienced relocation and a name change, so the business license shows that it was established in 2014."

For more than 20 years, in the process of continuous development of the new energy industry, Yifu Machinery has been focused on the research and development and production of single sand mill and system.

Yang Xiaoyan said that a good equipment must listen to the voice of the market and users, do the products that users want, solve the market needs and pain points, in order to reflect the value of equipment manufacturers.

In fact, what users want is the most cost-effective product. Therefore, in terms of performance, Yinfu Machinery continues to improve the accuracy and quality of products, so that the sand mill is large-scale, intelligent, energy-saving, and the fault point is lower, so as to continuously optimize the overall cost and improve the overall cost performance.

It is understood that the energy-saving products and vertical sand mill developed by Yifu Machinery simplify the process, responding to the concept of cost reduction and efficiency, product research and development and technological innovation have always been the core competitiveness of Yifu Machinery; Excellent quality is the reputation of Yifu machinery, "products with stable performance in order to win the trust of users"; Yifu machinery also uses the fastest after-sales response speed and the attitude of action, so that users face sincere and moved.

Leading vertical sander

There are many kinds of sand mills, according to different performance, sand mills are divided into horizontal sand mills, basket sand mills, vertical sand mills and so on. For a long time, horizontal sand mills have become the mainstream of the market due to their advantages in grinding efficiency.

The new vertical sand mill innovatively launched by Yifu Machinery can achieve higher fineness of material grinding and simplify the process, while having better performance and cost reduction and efficiency!


Figure: Yifu mechanical vertical sand mill

In terms of structure, the new vertical sand mill of Yifu Machinery innovates by using a screen-free structure, which greatly reduces the cost of equipment maintenance and spare parts, and can also use finer zirconium beads to do more demanding grinding.

In terms of efficiency, at present, vertical and horizontal, can be done from 1L to 1000L, because the vertical sand mill has fewer variables, so it is more efficient. It is worth mentioning that Yifu Machinery is currently the only enterprise with 1000L vertical sand mill production capacity.

In terms of energy consumption, Yifu machinery is equipped with energy-saving motors, which have lower energy consumption. In addition, due to the use of no-screen structure, the consistency of the beads is reduced, there is no need to change the beads frequently, and there is no need to screen the beads frequently, and the horizontal machine can also be reused to eliminate the beads, which greatly reduces the cost of consumables for the sanding machine.

In terms of convenience, Yifu machinery has an automatic lifting hydraulic system, which is easier to disassemble and repair, reducing the difficulty of maintenance and saving labor.

Yang Xiaoyan said that the new vertical sand mill has many advantages, interested friends can contact Yifu machinery.

Set sail for the whole world

Overseas manufacturing equipment products, or large or small, there are slow update iteration, high after-sales maintenance costs.

Previously, due to overseas manufacturing equipment, it does have advantages in precision and other performance, and imported equipment once became the embodiment of the strength of manufacturing enterprises.

In recent years, domestic equipment has caught up and continuously achieved import substitution. Today, Yifu Machinery, which has high-end equipment technology for market segments, has begun to go global.

It is reported that EIFU Machinery layout in Morocco, because the region is close to the European market, and has more advantages than Europe in terms of business environment and cost. Yang Xiaoyan said, "New energy industry chain enterprises, more choose to layout Morocco, as a matching provider, Yifu machinery to follow the pace of the industry chain."

Indonesia is rich in mineral resources, and is also vigorously developing new energy, Japan, South Korea, Germany and other places although the competition is fierce, but the market opportunities are also very much, so the early overseas foothold of Yifu machinery, including the above places.

Yang Xiaoyan said, "At present, Yifu machinery in overseas markets to set up offices and establish cooperation channels. In the future, we will continue to increase investment in overseas markets and promote China's high-end sanding technology to the world."

Diligence and chance dance to create today's glory

In the new energy industry, due to the focus on the sand mill industry and achieved impressive results, Yang Xiaoyan is known as "the first sister of sand grinding" in the industry.

Yang Xiaoyan humbly said that the name of "a sister of sand grinding" is unworthy, and the achievements of millions of rich machinery are the result of the concerted efforts of millions of rich people.

"From the wisdom of the expert colleges, to the help of the matching providers and Party A, to the company's colleagues and suppliers to work together, every link has the blood and sweat of countless people," Yang Xiaoyan said, "it is these forces gathered into a magnificent torrent, driving the company to move forward, writing their legends."

Yang Xiaoyan recalled a small video she had recorded, in which a sentence was deeply imprinted in her heart: "Small success depends on hard work, great success depends on chance." She knows that hard work is the only way to success, and chance is the key to great achievements. Fortunately, she not only has the quality of diligence, but also met many noble people on the road of life, which provided her with valuable opportunities and help.

However, success is no accident. In Yang Xiaoyan's view, like other core colleagues in the company, she is professional and focused, they do everything with their hearts, and persevere in the pursuit of excellence, so that they can stand out in the fierce competition and win today's brilliance.

Looking to the future, Yang Xiaoyan said that she will continue to lead the company's team to forge ahead, continue to explore and innovate, and contribute more strength to the development of the sand grinding industry. She believes that with the care and support of the industry, they will be able to create a more brilliant future!

About Yifu Machinery


Picture: Yifu machinery production base

Yifu Machinery is committed to the research and development of ultrafine powder wet dispersion, grinding equipment technology, single machine and system overall solution of innovative enterprises, the main products are NCT, NCP, LPM, INT series vertical and horizontal nano sand mill.

Yifu Machinery in the field of lithium iron phosphate, lithium iron manganese, conductive agents, sodium materials, silicon carbon and other new materials have ahead of the market research and development reserves.

In the field of lithium iron phosphate, the representative customers include Ningde Times, BYD, Yuneng Technology, Huayou Cobalt Industry, Dangsheng Technology, Geely Group and other dozens of large cooperative customers; Representative customers in the field of conductive agents include Xiamen Kaina, Nami Port, Xinwang Da, Enwan Technology, Suanyuan, Xicheng, etc.; Representative customers in the field of sodium electricity include Shenzhen Jia Sodium, Zhongke Sodium, sodium Chuang, art, Hua sodium, etc...

Yifu Machinery now has more than 400 employees, Dongguan headquarters covers an area of 13,000 square meters, in 2024 in Hubei to build and put into operation of more than 40,000 square meters of production plant, 100 acres of new industrial park is under construction, the current monthly production capacity of up to 100 sets of sand mill, can fully protect the delivery of customers.

“Technological Innovation, Customer First, Service First, Honest Management”
An innovative enterprise dedicated to research and development of ultra-fine powder wet dispersion and grinding equipment technology, as well as stand-alone and system overall solutions

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