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Overseas Exhibition | EIFu Appeared at The Japan Battery Exhibition To Shine in The Field of New Material Grinding
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Overseas Exhibition | EIFu Appeared at The Japan Battery Exhibition To Shine in The Field of New Material Grinding

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In the warm spring breeze days, the delegation of EIFu company set foot on the land of Tokyo, Japan, to attend the 16th Japan Tokyo secondary Battery Exhibition - Spring Exhibition. The exhibition is unprecedented in scale, bringing together more than one thousand exhibitors and attracting more than one hundred thousand professional visitors. The whole venue was lively, and all kinds of new technologies and new products competed for beauty.

Yifu presented the latest sanding application technology at this exhibition (booth E25-8). The booth layout is simple but high-end, fully demonstrating Yifu's expertise and strength in the field of new energy materials. From the device display to the application case, every detail is carefully designed to attract a large number of visitors to stop and visit.


During the exhibition, Yifu's booth became the focus of attention. Many customers have come to consult, showing a strong interest in the company's new energy material grinding equipment. The leaders and guests of Yifu warmly communicated with the visitors, explained in detail the company's equipment application experience in the field of new energy materials, and shared the key points of production line construction and improvement plans.


Among them, the vertical nano sand mill of Yifu has become the highlight of the exhibition. The equipment has a unique advantage in the preparation of new energy materials, and its characteristics such as ultra-fine grinding and high efficiency have won the favor of many customers. Many customers have spoken highly of this device and expressed a strong willingness to cooperate.


After the exchange and collision of this exhibition, Yifu has initially established a cooperative relationship with many customers and guests, laying a solid foundation for future development. At the same time, we also reached an initial cooperation intention with some international friends, opening a new chapter for further exploring the international market.


Yifu has been taking scientific and technological innovation as the engine to deeply cultivate the field of new energy materials grinding. At this exhibition, Yifu Company not only demonstrated its leading technology in the field of new energy materials and equipment, but also showed the global industry its breakthrough achievements in sand grinding application technology.


The second battery exhibition in Tokyo, Japan - Spring Exhibition is the first stop of Yifu 2024 sailing overseas, next, Yifu will continue to force overseas markets, the high-end sanding technology to the world, so that the Yifu brand shine on the international stage.


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