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Re-create good results | Yifu and well-known material enterprises to establish cooperation
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Re-create good results | Yifu and well-known material enterprises to establish cooperation

Views: 0     Author: INFOR     Publish Time: 2023-10-19      Origin: INFOR

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Re-create good results | Yifu and well-known material enterprises to establish cooperation


Recently, Yifu domestic well-known enterprises Hangsheng lithium energy reached a cooperation, the project for large-scale lithium iron phosphate production line energy-saving sand mill, Yifu will provide sanding equipment for Hangsheng in the near future, while continuing to provide technical support for subsequent cooperation.

In the past two years, Hangsheng Lithium Energy has fully laid out the production base of new energy materials in Guizhou, and the 100,000 tons of lithium battery electrolyte project built in Xifeng County has been fully completed and put into operation. At present, it is comprehensively laying out lithium iron phosphate, silicon carbon anode, sodium ion battery electrolyte and other new energy-related industries, boosting the development of new energy industry in Guiyang City.

The lithium iron phosphate project reflects Hangsheng lithium energy's determination to comprehensively layout new energy materials and enrich the company's product line. In the future, we will actively layout production capacity on lithium iron phosphate and continue to promote the development of the material industry. It will fully blossom in the fields of power, energy storage, and digital, bringing new vitality to the market!

The establishment of cooperation between Yifu and Hangsheng this time is Hangsheng's full recognition of Yifu's product technology, services and comprehensive strength, is a full affirmation of the rigorous and meticulous work of Yifu's staff, and is also a firm determination of Yifu's market precipitation and growth potential in the new energy industry, and is the embodiment of Yifu as a leading domestic high-end sand mill enterprise!


The 400L energy-saving sand mill adopted in this project, the sand mill adopts the most advanced energy-saving, ultrasonic, intelligent system and other technologies of Yifu, which provides a comprehensive sand grinding application solution for the production line. Combined with the previous application experience, this cooperation is bound to enhance the core competitiveness of both sides, expand each other's market platform, and move towards a broader development track.

In recent years, the two major markets of power and energy storage have risen rapidly, and the demand for lithium iron phosphate materials has continued to expand. Yifu has always been accumulating strength, constantly innovating sand grinding technology, launching products that comply with the development of the industry, and has a good performance in the automation of single product, intelligent level, energy-saving production line, and delivery capacity of the whole line! Continuous output of high-quality grinding system production line for the industry!


Since entering the second half of the year, Yifu has not only blossomed in the field of lithium iron phosphate, but also in the fields of negative electrode, diaphragm, sodium material, lithium manganese iron, conductive agent, and so on, with comprehensive results. With the trend of many large-scale cooperation cases, we will achieve better results in the fourth quarter!

As a leading enterprise in China's lithium battery materials and equipment, Yifu will rely on its own advantages to accelerate its penetration in the Chinese market, and will export high-quality products to foreign countries through the overall capabilities established in the fields of single machine, system, production line, energy saving, digital intelligence, etc., and contribute to the development of the entire new energy market!


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