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Reasons And Solutions for Poor Grinding Effect of Rod And Pin Sander
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Reasons And Solutions for Poor Grinding Effect of Rod And Pin Sander

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The sand mill is a commonly used grinding equipment in the production of new energy materials, however, in the actual use process, we sometimes encounter the problem of poor grinding effect of the sand mill. Today we will delve into the reasons for the poor grinding effect of the sander and propose corresponding solutions.

The reason for the poor grinding effect of the sander

1. Rod nail quality and installation problems: If the rod nail quality is poor, its grinding efficiency is low, and even may lead to rough surface of the workpiece. Rod nail installation is not correct, such as tight or poor balance, will lead to vibration and deflection during the grinding process, thus affecting the grinding effect.

2. Improper selection of grinding medium: The selection of grinding medium directly affects the grinding effect. Selecting unsuitable grinding medium may lead to uneven particles and low grinding efficiency.

3. Improper setting of grinding parameters: The grinding pressure, speed and feed speed of the sand mill are set unreasonable, which will affect the grinding efficiency and effect. For example, too much pressure or too high speed may cause the grinding wheel to overheat, which in turn affects the grinding effect.

4. Insufficient cooling system: the grinding wheel will generate a lot of heat during grinding, if the cooling system is insufficient, the grinding chamber is easy to overheat, resulting in a decline in grinding effect.

5. Material problems: Factors such as the hardness and particle size of the ground material will also affect the grinding effect of the sand mill. If the material hardness is too large or the particle size is too small, it will increase the difficulty of grinding and reduce the grinding efficiency.


1. Select excellent quality rod nails: high quality rod nails can improve the friction and shear force during grinding, so as to improve the grinding efficiency, in addition, the distribution structure and installation of rod nails should be reasonable and stable.

2. Reasonable setting of grinding parameters: according to the nature of the grinding material and grinding requirements, adjust the grinding pressure, speed and feed speed of the sand mill to achieve the best grinding effect. You are advised to adjust the parameters under the guidance of professional personnel.

3. Strengthen the cooling system: ensure that the cooling system of the grinding wheel works properly, timely the heat generated during the operation of the sand mill, and prevent overheating. If necessary, the cooling system can be upgraded.

4. Choose the right grinding bead: according to the particle size requirements of the material, choose the right grinding bead size, and choose the high-quality grinding bead with low wear rate and no broken ball, so as to improve the grinding effect.

5. Regular maintenance: regular maintenance of the sand mill, check the wear of the equipment, timely replacement of serious wear rod nails, etc. At the same time, keep the equipment clean to prevent debris from entering the grinding area.

6. Material screening: For materials with too much hardness or too small particle size, pre-screening or crushing can be carried out to reduce the difficulty of grinding and improve the grinding efficiency.

7. Technological innovation and improvement: pay attention to the technological development trends in the field of sand grinding machines, introduce new technologies and new processes in time to upgrade the equipment and improve the grinding effect and production efficiency.

There are many reasons for the poor grinding effect of the sand mill. In order to improve the grinding effect, we need to start from many aspects. In the selection and use of sand mill, should pay attention to the quality of equipment, installation and commissioning, parameter setting, cooling system and other aspects; At the same time, strengthening equipment maintenance and material screening are also essential measures. Through the implementation of these measures, the grinding effect of the sand mill can be effectively improved and greater economic benefits can be brought to the enterprise.


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