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Review | 2023 World Congress on Power Battery Materials
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Review | 2023 World Congress on Power Battery Materials

Views: 0     Author: INFOR     Publish Time: 2023-11-18      Origin: INFOR

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In the past November 15-16, a "2023 World km Battery Material Conference and 2023 Power battery Material Innovation Technology Exhibition" hosted by Wangmaterial New Media successfully ended in Changzhou. This conference has undoubtedly become a feast in the field of global new energy, attracting more than 1,000 delegates, as well as more than 100 guests and nearly 100 exhibitors.


The theme of this conference is "Innovative collaborative development, Achieving a green future", and the topics are broad and in-depth, covering from the research and development of battery materials to applications, and then to the future development trend of the industry. Among them, one main forum and four sub-forums were set up to discuss key topics such as lithium iron phosphate and lithium iron manganese, sodium electricity, recycling, and lithium resources.


Yifu attended the meeting as a special guest and arranged a booth at the scene. During the conference, Yifu arranged a booth and had in-depth exchanges with on-site experts and industry insiders. With its professional products and services, as well as unique insights in the field of new energy materials, Yifu sand mill has won wide praise from field experts and industry insiders.


During the conference, EIFU had in-depth exchanges with experts at the site and shared their views and experiences. Yinfu vertical, horizontal, direct drive and other series of sand grinding in the field of lithium iron phosphate, lithium iron manganese, sodium material application and production line experience, as an important equipment for the preparation of new energy materials, has also been widely concerned and discussed.

Mr. Liu Hansuite, general manager of Star Lithium Energy, a strategic partner of Yifu, delivered a speech on the theme of "Large-scale production problems and solutions of lithium iron equipment" at the meeting, explaining the application and development of lithium iron industry from the aspects of production line construction, equipment composition, process ratio and market trend. The report is full of dry goods and continuous applause at the scene, guiding a beacon for the development of the lithium iron industry!



On the battery material, Yifu sand mill demonstrated its leading technology and products in the field of new energy materials, and will continue to be committed to research and development in the field of new energy materials in the future, providing more innovative and efficient products and services, injecting new impetus and vitality into the development of new energy materials.

In the future, EFU will continue to provide a variety of product innovations to meet the constant changes and demands of the new energy market. At the same time, we will continue to improve the quality of service and provide better services for the future new energy industry.


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