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Sanding Knowledge | The Explanation of Line Speed of Sanding Machine
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Sanding Knowledge | The Explanation of Line Speed of Sanding Machine

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The performance of the sand mill plays a key role in the production of new materials, the line speed as an important parameter index of the sand mill, the time is mentioned by everyone, different materials and different processes on the line speed of the sand mill are not the same. Today to share the relevant knowledge of offline speed!

The velocity of any point of an object when it moves in a circle on a fixed axis is called "linear velocity". Its general definition is the immediate velocity of a particle (or points on the object) when it moves in a curve (including circular motion). Its direction is along the tangent direction of the moving orbit, so it is also called tangential velocity. It is a physical quantity that describes the speed and direction of a particle moving in a curvilinear motion.

Such as the rod pin type sand mill, usually refers to the line speed is the speed of the rod pin in the unit time to do curve movement. The linear velocity is related to the speed and circumference of the rotor. For example, the line speed of 1000L rod pin sand mill is generally 0-16m/s, and the line speed can be adjusted according to the actual production needs.

The linear speed of the grinding bead movement is different in different positions inside the sandmill cylinder, the linear speed of the center of the shaft is the smallest, the linear speed of the cylinder wall is the largest, and the linear speed of any point between the two can be expressed by the following formula:

Linear velocity V=2πωr (unit m/s), π-pi ω-shaft speed of the sand mill (unit revolution/s) r- the linear distance from the point in the cylinder to the center of the shaft, equivalent to the radius.

For example, the speed of a sand mill is 1200 RPM, that is, 20 RPM/SEC, the diameter of the cylinder body is 30 cm, that is, the linear distance from any point on the cylinder wall to the center of the shaft is 0.15 meters, and the maximum linear speed is V=2*3.1416*20*0.15 meters/SEC =18.85 meters/SEC

So what is the linear speed and grinding efficiency of the sander? In general, the higher the line speed, the greater the kinetic energy transferred to the beads, and the more efficient the sander! But the higher the better? Of course not. The disadvantages of the high line speed of the sander are as follows:

A line speed For most materials, the higher the line speed, the greater the heat, the faster the machine temperature.

The higher the B-line speed, the greater the impact on the grinding medium of the sander, and the more likely the grinding medium is to break.

The higher the C-line speed, the greater the damage to the machine and the greater the wear on the parts. Therefore, the material requirements for manufacturing machines are high.

Therefore, according to different materials and their own production process requirements to choose the appropriate line speed of their own production, so as to maximize the production efficiency.

After years of sand grinding technology precipitation and rich experience in production line application, Yifu Machinery has a perfect application system for the design and design of the speed and line speed of the sand mill, providing a perfect one-stop sand grinding system solution for the new material grinding production line.

Pay attention to us, take you to know more about the sand mill knowledge!


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