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Sodium Electroconference | EIFu Pilot Industrial Innovation Reveals The Future Blueprint of Sodium Batteries
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Sodium Electroconference | EIFu Pilot Industrial Innovation Reveals The Future Blueprint of Sodium Batteries

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22 - 副本

From March 10 to 12, the second China International Sodium-ion Battery Frontier Technology and Industrial Development Forum, which was carefully planned by Battery World Online and named by Yifu Machinery, was successfully held in Wenzhou, attracting many eyes in the industry. The forum brought together more than 500 top companies to explore the future direction of sodium batteries.

The conference has nearly 30 special reports, focusing on the development opportunities of sodium batteries, the latest breakthroughs in positive and negative electrode material technology, innovative technology in design and manufacturing, and core issues such as membranes, electrolytes, and characterization technology. The participants said that through this forum, they have a deeper understanding of the sodium electricity industry and a clearer grasp of the future development direction.


As the title unit of this conference, Yifu Machinery participated deeply in the whole process, fully demonstrating its leading position and forward-looking strategic vision in the field of sodium electricity. In his speech at the opening ceremony, Yang Xiaoyan, general manager of Yifu, not only expressed his expectations for the forum, but also conveyed the firm determination of YifU to lead the development of sodium electricity industry. She stressed that Yifu will always stand at the forefront of the industry and work with partners from all walks of life to create a new future of sodium electric technology.


In the special report session of the forum, Yifu Yang Haicun delivered a speech entitled "Application of ultrafine nanolapping Technology in sodium materials". He analyzed the challenges and solutions of ultrafine grinding technology in detail, and focused on the eight advantages of vertical sand mills and six innovative technologies for production line application. The display of these cutting-edge technologies not only provides solid technical support for the development of the sodium electricity industry, but also brings a new perspective and inspiration to the participants. The atmosphere was warm and applause continued!


The booth of Yifu Machinery has also become a highlight of the forum, attracting the attention of many visitors. There was a crowd in front of the booth, and the participants had in-depth exchanges with the experts of the Yifu team to discuss the future trend of sodium electricity field. Yifu team won the praise of the attendees with its professional knowledge and warm service.


As a suitable model for sodium materials, vertical sand mill, through the explanation of the special report and the exhibition and communication of the booth, so that more industry friends have a new understanding, especially the vertical sand mill never blocked material, ultra-fine, efficient and other characteristics, which caused the recognition and praise of many experts.


In this grand forum, Yifu Machinery once again demonstrated its leading position in the field of sodium electricity with its excellent technical strength and forward-looking vision. Yifu Machinery will continue to uphold the innovative concept, increase investment in research and development, and promote the continuous progress of sodium electric technology. At the same time, Yifu will also work closely with partners from all walks of life to jointly promote the prosperity and development of sodium electricity industry and open a new chapter in the new era of sodium electricity.


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