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The 8th International Forum on New Battery Anode And Cathode Materials Technology
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The 8th International Forum on New Battery Anode And Cathode Materials Technology

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In the spring of Suzhou, a grand event in the field of new energy comes as scheduled. Sponsored by the China Chemical and Physical Power Supply Industry Association, the "Eighth International Forum on New Battery Positive and Negative Material Technology and the second Sodium Battery Technology and Market Development Forum" was held from March 6 to 8. The forum, like a bright pearl inlaid in the beautiful city of Suzhou, has attracted the attention of the global new energy industry.

The forum site, bright stars, hundreds of industry leaders gathered together to celebrate. 14 major topics, 80+ theme reports, experts brought cutting-edge academic reports, involving advanced battery technology, sodium batteries, solid-state batteries, positive electrode materials and other fields, for the participants to show a wonderful technical feast. These presentations not only provide valuable learning opportunities for participants, but also guide the direction of future technological development.


In this technological feast, Yifu successfully attracted the attention of many participants with its technological change and innovation in the sand grinding production line. In front of the Yifu booth, the crowd was crowded, and the audience stopped to listen carefully to the Yifu staff's explanation of innovative technologies such as energy saving, intelligence, vertical, high efficiency, mesh separation, and ultra-fine grinding. These technological innovations and breakthroughs not only show the technical strength of Yifu in the field of new energy, but also reflect its firm commitment to future sustainable development.


Yifu's excellent performance won unanimous praise from the participants. Many customers highly recognized the technical strength and product performance of Yifu, and reached a preliminary cooperation intention with Yifu. This is not only the affirmation of Yifu's technical strength, but also the recognition of its future development potential.


Standing at the tide of The Times, Yifu company feels great responsibility. They will continue to adhere to innovation, excellence, technology as the guide, for the development of new energy industry into a steady stream of power. At the same time, Yifu also looks forward to working with more like-minded partners to jointly promote the progress of new energy technology and contribute to the sustainable development of mankind.

The trip to Suzhou, Yifu not only demonstrated its technical strength, but also won the recognition of the market. With the development of the new energy industry, we will steadily move forward in a new round of technological change, let us work together to witness the brilliant future of the new energy industry!


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