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Yifu And Jia Sodium Cooperate Again To Create A Brilliant Chapter in The Field of Sodium Electricity
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Yifu And Jia Sodium Cooperate Again To Create A Brilliant Chapter in The Field of Sodium Electricity

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22 - 副本

Recently, the company and the industry attention of sodium energy once again hand in hand, in the sodium electricity project again cooperation. This not only marks the further deepening of cooperation between the two sides, but also a milestone event for YifU in the field of sodium electricity!

Looking back, the first cooperation between EIFU and Sodium has established a good foundation in terms of technology and production line. And this time to join hands again, it is based on the common pursuit of product quality and the accurate judgment of market trends. With excellent product performance and excellent team service, Yifu has won the favor of sodium again, and further consolidated YifU's leading position in the field of sodium electricity.

Sodium, as a leading enterprise in the sodium electricity industry, its technical strength and market influence are obvious to all. Its sodium electric technology not only has a directional leading role, but also leads the industry in the speed of production capacity release, becoming a market vane. The cooperation with Yifu not only provides more high-quality production line support for sodium, but also promotes the two sides to jointly write a brilliant chapter in the sodium electricity industry.

This cooperation is not limited to the production line level, the two sides in research and development, production and other areas also reached a deep cooperation intention. Yifu and Sodium will jointly explore the frontier of sodium electricity technology, and jointly promote the innovation and development of sodium electricity industry.


Sodium electricity, as a new generation battery technology system, has been widely concerned for its unique price and stability advantages. In recent years, with the continuous progress of technology and the continuous growth of market demand, the sodium electricity industry is ushering in a golden period of rapid development. Many companies have joined the camp of the sodium electricity industry, and gradually moved toward mass production through demonstration and verification, and the market prospect is bright.

Yifu will continue to improve product quality and technical level, and continue to export high-quality sodium electricity production line for the industry. At the same time, Yifu will also strengthen close cooperation with upstream and downstream enterprises of sodium electricity to jointly promote the innovation and application of sodium electricity technology. For example, Hubei Yifu sodium electric test line will continue to provide experimental convenience for the industry and help the research and development and verification of sodium electric process!

Looking to the future, YifU will continue to increase research and development investment and market development efforts in the field of sodium electricity. Through high-quality production lines and technical support, further enhance the company's competitiveness and brand influence in the sodium electricity market, and contribute to the development of the sodium electricity industry.


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