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Yifu Helps Poverty Alleviation in Gucheng County Actively Contribute To The Community, Passing on Love And Warmth
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Yifu Helps Poverty Alleviation in Gucheng County Actively Contribute To The Community, Passing on Love And Warmth

Views: 0     Author: INFOR     Publish Time: 2023-12-18      Origin: INFOR

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Since the establishment of the factory in Xiangyang, Hubei Province, Yifu has been adhering to the concept of "taking from the society, giving back to the society", and actively participating in various charitable undertakings. It has made a positive contribution to the development and stability of Gucheng County.

Recently, under the guidance of the spirit of poverty alleviation instructions of the county leaders, Yifu joined hands with Gucheng County Merchants Bureau to participate in the help activities of Nanhe Town, Gucheng County, deep in Nanhe Town, and sent a deep care and help to the local villagers with difficulties.


At the scene, Director Tang of Gucheng County Merchants Bureau and Chen Lu, chairman of Yifu, jointly walked into Nanhe Town, inspected the relevant customs and customs of Nanhe Town, made in-depth exchanges and planning for the future development of the local and help projects, and will provide more support to help Nanhe Town get rid of poverty and get rich.

During the period, Yifu Chen Lu sent condolence money to those villagers in need of help. Although this compensation is not much, it reflects the corporate sense of social responsibility, also highlights the love and warmth of the society, and is the recognition of Yifu's active participation in social welfare activities.


As a leading enterprise in the sand mill industry, Yifu continues to break through and forge ahead in the development of the company, and enters Gucheng with leading industry technology and responsibility, providing many jobs for Gucheng. We know that the development of enterprises cannot be separated from the support of the society, so we have been committed to making more contributions to the society.

In addition, Yifu also fully cooperates with the Gucheng County government to participate in education, medical care, employment and other undertakings. By funding education, improving infrastructure, employment opportunities and other aspects, we actively participate in the charity of poverty alleviation in Gucheng, and contribute to the economic development of Gucheng.

Yifu interprets the meaning of "corporate responsibility" with its own actions. Yifu is not only an enterprise, but also a social responsibility body with temperature and responsibility. In the future, Yifu will continue to uphold this love and responsibility, actively participate in social welfare activities, and bring warmth and hope to more people in need of help.


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