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Yifu Vertical 1000L Sand Mill Innovation Leads The Future of The Industry
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Yifu Vertical 1000L Sand Mill Innovation Leads The Future of The Industry

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As the core components of power lithium batteries, new energy cathode and anode materials closely affect the overall performance of the battery. With the continuous development of the industry, the new material system is constantly enriched, and the materials tend to be ultra-fine and nano, it is particularly important to use efficient and stable dispersion grinding technology in the pre-preparation process of advanced materials.

In order to continuously improve the efficient grinding process of ultra-fine nanomaterials, Yifu has built the LPM series high-flow vertical sand mill. In particular, the application of vertical 1000L has won unanimous praise from customers for its unique performance, providing the industry with efficient and ultra-fine grinding system solutions!

砂磨机 1000

High-end R&D, demonstrating technical strength

LPM-1000L vertical sand mill is a product with international leading level that the company has overcome various difficulties in vertical large-scale research and development and unremitting efforts day and night. The use of high-end R&D technology, the perfect combination of automation, intelligence and high efficiency, not only greatly improves the production efficiency, but also solves a series of pain points in the industrialization of ultra-fine nano grinding of new materials, demonstrating the technical R&D strength of Yifu in the sand grinding production line.

Innovative design to fill the gap in the market

Yifu vertical 1000 liter sand mill aims at the pain points of the market and makes up for the gap in the market through innovative design. The device has a vertical design, which has higher space utilization and lower energy consumption. Streamlined body design, unique screen-free structure, never plugging materials, grinding fineness as low as tens of nanometers, and has good stability and consistency. It can be widely used in lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganese iron phosphate, sodium materials, silicon carbon anode, ceramic materials and other fields.

Eight product advantages, leading the development of the industry

1. Vertical structure, advanced design concept, vertical installation of spindle, no deformation, more stable operation

2. No screen structure, special centrifugal separation system, never block the material, grinding beads as low as 0.03mm can be used, which can challenge the finer grinding limit.

3. The utilization rate of grinding medium is increased by 90%, and there is no longer a need to screen zirconium beads regularly, and there is no need to eliminate small zirconium beads.

4. The particle size distribution is narrower after grinding, and the centrifugal separator has the function of grading the particles, the smaller particles are discharged first, and the larger particles continue to grind.

5. The grinding barrel can be automatically lifted, easy to disassemble and maintain, and can realize the maintenance of multiple equipment by one person.

6. 1000L large flow rate to meet the mass production of large production lines.

7. With energy-saving motor and monitoring system, the unit energy consumption is more than 20% lower than that of traditional equipment.

8. The comprehensive efficiency is more than 30% higher than that of the traditional horizontal type.

Five cost advantages to empower the construction of production lines

1. From the equipment: the coarse grinding link can be omitted, the production line is more concise, and the land occupation is reduced

2. In terms of production capacity: no material blockage, it can be maintained once for more than 6 months, and the effective production time can reach 350 days a year

3. From the maintenance: the vertical type does not block the material, saves labor, and can be operated by one person, which can save a lot of labor costs

4. Zirconium beads utilization: there is no need to eliminate small zirconium balls, just add supplements, which can save more than 20% of the cost of zirconium bead elimination

5. In terms of energy consumption cost: the production line eliminates coarse grinding and related circulating tanks, and the 10,000-ton production line can save millions of kilowatt-hours of electricity per year

Focus on new energy and devote ourselves to the development of new materials

Yifu has been committed to the research and development and production of new energy and new materials, and the research and development and application of vertical 1000L sand mill are also part of this strategy, providing strong support for the research and development and production of new energy and new materials. In the future, we will continue to increase research and development with a rigorous attitude, constantly bring forth the new, do a good job in technological innovation, continue to output high-quality sanding systems for the industry, and devote ourselves to the development of new materials!


Comprehensive layout, leading the development of the industry

Yifu has always taken "professionalism, innovation and service" as its core values, and is committed to providing customers with the best quality service. The launch of the Yifu vertical 1000-liter sand mill is part of the company's overall layout. In the future, Yifu will continue to increase R&D investment and continuously launch new products to meet the changing needs of the market. At the same time, Yifu will continue to devote itself to the research and development and production of new energy and new materials, and make greater contributions to the development of the industry.

The application of LPM-1000L vertical sand mill is a major breakthrough for the company and an innovation in the industry. The launch of this equipment not only fills the gap in the market, but also drives the development of the entire industry. Yifu will continue to uphold the core values of professionalism, innovation and service to provide better products and services to customers around the world.


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