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infor share the Dragon Boat Festival with you
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infor share the Dragon Boat Festival with you

Views: 0     Author: INFOR     Publish Time: 2024-06-08      Origin: INFOR

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Zongye fragrance May 5, the Dragon Boat Festival total Ankang. Yifu, on the occasion of this thick Dragon Boat Festival, with full blessings and warm greetings, to every partner, every employee, and all the friends who care and support us, say: Dragon Boat Festival is healthy!

The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival in China and a symbol of reunion. On this special day, we should not only taste the delicious dumplings, but also feel the deep affection and friendship. As your trusted partner, YifU always works side by side with you to create a better future.


Looking back on the past, Yifu machinery has won wide recognition in the market with its excellent technical strength, strict quality control and intimate service. We know that every achievement is inseparable from your support and trust. Here, we sincerely thank you for your company and support all the way!

Looking forward to the future, Yifu will continue to uphold the "integrity of the world, technology leading the future" business philosophy, and constantly improve product competitiveness, to provide you with more high-quality sanding technology solutions. We believe that with the joint efforts of both sides, we will write a more brilliant chapter together!

Finally, once again, I wish everyone a healthy Dragon Boat Festival! May this beautiful holiday bring you endless joy and happiness! Yifu together with you, to meet a better future!

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